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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by puzz, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. puzz

    puzz Guest

    I am unable to configure my WRT54GX V.2. Wireless-G with SRX router

    The set up wizard consistently jumps step 8, and then is unable to find a network connection.

    My router type as given by my host is PPoA,

    When I enter the details under PPoE (I assume this is correct) the password supplied by my host is 8 characters but a 12 character one appears after saving. This happens regardless what I enter.
    I can choose factory presets, which clears PPoE, go and delete them in the admin tab, save settings, and they’re gone. I return to setup basic (now clear) and re-enter my details, but every time the 12 return.
    The admin tab retains a 12 character password even after factory preset.
    I can only reach the Hard reset with a pin as it's so far in and I don't know if it works

    My host have given me an IP address, but no domain settings, subnet mask, or gateway details so I cannot complete the DHCP setting tab. PPoE is all I can fill in and find nowhere for just an IP address
    But always with this imposter password reappears
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