WRT54GX V2 & 3rd party firmware?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by brucemc, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. brucemc

    brucemc Network Guru Member

    I apologize for my ignorance. I followed a link in this forum and found an incredible matrix comparing all sorts of 3rd pty firmware for a number of WRT54G routers, but I saw no direct mention of the -GX V2. As I have hosed enough hardware, including being one of the people whom actually DID fry a motherboard with a static spark, I am at least brilliant enough not to try and upload any firmware I am not positive was intended or at least tested, for even then I know poop happens. Is there a separate 3rd pty matrix for the GX v2 or are there viable alternatives to the standard Linksys issue? I just want to be able to assign MAC to IP numbers, but seeing that matrix I can see there is a whole lot more available if, well, if it's available...
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    At this time there is no third party firmware for any of the SRX routers.
  3. brucemc

    brucemc Network Guru Member

    Well, that is pretty direct as to answering my confusion. Did I make a mistake in buying this model? To clarify, should I have researched more and bought a model that does have alternatives? Why do some models have so many, and this one none? (I'm REALLY hoping for an answer other than "Because it sucks"...)
  4. fizgigtiznalkie

    fizgigtiznalkie LI Guru Member

    I have that router too and it's just awful, I RMA'd it once because I thought I got bad hardware. I've been a loyal Linksys follower since I never had issues with their older stuff.

    the support at Linksys is a joke now, they were great a few years ago, now they copy and paste without even reading what you wrote, I think they just look at the model #.

    the router it can't handle bit torrent or other p2p apps, it slows to a crawl and then to a stop until I reboot it, had all sorts of VPN and DHCP issues, and the wireless connection will just drop until I reboot it sometimes.

    funny thing is when you get a glimpse of what it's supposed to do and get a strong signal and fast connection far from it. never lasts though.

    I think i'll pay the premium for Apple/Airport from now on and get good support.
  5. donnydon

    donnydon Guest


    Hey Guys i have a Wrt54gs with the HyperWrt Firmware......I see absolutlly no Siganl Improvement, and No speed improvement what so ever. Am I doing something wrong. I am using the PC Card with SpeedBooster, with Speedbooster router.....Compared to my Netgear MIMO 180mpbs.....this thing doesnt compare......if im doing something wrong please tell me.
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    lol you get 180Mbps throughput over wireless?

    you CANNOT compare MIMO (802.11n) to 54g (802.11g)

    MIMO uses 2 or more channels for data. 54g uses 1.

    the max for 54g "speedbooster" is approx 30Mbps in very good conditions. the more interference and wirleless clients connected the worse the throughput gets.
  7. fizgigtiznalkie

    fizgigtiznalkie LI Guru Member

    i wonder if he has software reporting that speed that compresses the data and decompresses it, some FTP clients do that, but it's not actual network speed.
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