WRT54GX v2 + boost firmware?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Storet, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. Storet

    Storet Network Guru Member

    Hi there, im new here...

    My question: I have bought a WRT54GX v2, I wonder if there are any firmware that boost the signal from the router. I know that there are others routers that have this options, when 3th parts fireworks were installed.

    Hope you understood my language and question..!
  2. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    im not sure they there alternatives for the SRX series yet
  3. Storet

    Storet Network Guru Member

    OK.. do you know anything more about it..
  4. Chuck_IV

    Chuck_IV Network Guru Member

    Yea nobody has really attemted the GX series yet, so I don't think there's anything out there 3rd party wise.

    If you want a better signal, you may want to check out the newest iteration of the GX series in the WRT54GX4. I've been running that and the range is phenominal, even just using my laptop's internal wireless card.

    I had tried out a Netgear WPN824, who's signal strength should be similar to the GX(v1 and v2) and GX2 and the WRT54GX4 is much better.
  5. Storet

    Storet Network Guru Member

    Ok.. But can the firmware been used on my router??
  6. brunomeneses

    brunomeneses Guest

    I have the same question as Storet.
  7. Chuck_IV

    Chuck_IV Network Guru Member

    I'm confused what you are asking. The WRT54GX4 that I was refering you to try is a different router not firmware. There is no 3rd party firmware currently, for the GX series of routers. The only firmware available are the stock firmware that Linksys offers on their website.
  8. Storet

    Storet Network Guru Member

    Okay.. than I see.. my english is not so good... but than I have to wail until somebody makes this than..
  9. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Linksys has not released GPL code for the GX2 or GX4 series, assuming they are even Linux based units.

    Before anyone can build a new firmware, unless they want to invent it from scratch, Linksys will have to release that base firmware source code.

    Given that Linksys has released GPL code for the WRT54GX V1, and not for the WRT54GX V2, WRT54GX2, or WRT54GX4 series, I suspect they probably changed to a closed source OS between the WRT54GX V1 and V2.

    No GPL = no chance to build aftermarket firmware.
  10. Chuck_IV

    Chuck_IV Network Guru Member

    FYI, they have released code for the GX V2, just not the GX2 or GX4.

    They seem very resistant to releasing the GX4 code, as several people have emailed them about the GX4(it is Linux based, from what I've read), including me and all we get back are ambiguous answers saying we don't know.
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