WRT54GX v2 EU firmware 2.00.12 issues

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Rein, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Rein

    Rein Network Guru Member

    I just changed from firmware 2.00.10 to 2.00.12 (see Linksys Germany!).
    Didn't notice any significant changes in my case.
    Write down your settings before flashing because the router restores to factory defaults and the "user prefs" from v. 2.00.10 cannot not be restored in 2.00.12.
    Also the wireless led stopped turning on in 2.00.12!
    AES security is slower and blocks certain websites (like macromedia.com) so better use TKIP instead.
    Anyone experienced more 2.00.12 firmware problems?
  2. unclesem

    unclesem Network Guru Member

    I tried to upgrade today from 2.0.10 to 2.0.12 and went back on 2.0.10.
    I installed 2.0.10 because I had a problem with VPN. With 2.0.12 I have the same VPN problem as I had on version 2.0.08. I might configured something wrong. But I tried a lot of things without sucess.
    some fitures are fixed in 2.0.12 compare to 2.0.10 ( DDNS for example works again) but VPN is more important for me.
  3. dannyp

    dannyp Network Guru Member

    Any news/rumours of a later/newer EU release?

    WRT54GX firmware releases seems thin on the ground, especially with these outstanding issues.... :(
  4. fpippo

    fpippo Network Guru Member

    I'm using a wrt54gx v.1 with the latest 1.02.10 fw.
    The wpa2 psk AES don't seem to slow the performance (same bitrate and latency) compared to TKIP, but some site are not working perfectly with AES.

    Trying to upgrade a MS WINXP with the automatic appletx of windoz update the operation stops as it start, if I put the TKIP instead of AES all the windoz update sequence is OK.

    I think it could be a non correct ip mtu segmentation due to some overhead introduced by AES. I'm experiencing the same problem with two different clients equipped with the WMP54GX (PCI) and the WPC54GX (PCMCIA).

    I'm planing to open a trouble ticket to linksys tac.

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