WRT54GX V2 Firmware (EU) released

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by HugoSocke, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. HugoSocke

    HugoSocke Network Guru Member

    Hi !

    Linksys just sent me the latest firmware for the WRT54GX V2.
    The major problem beeing fixed was the PPPOE username problem
    with the german ISP T-Online and all others using very long Usernames.

    I dont have a complete changelog yet, but i think its will be available on the official Linksys website soon.


  2. dt9394

    dt9394 Network Guru Member

    the changelog

    1. Fixed web interface issue with MAC using Safari web browser on some screens.
    2. Fixed PPPoE connection issue with T-online.
    3. Fixed reconnection issue for PPPoE with Belgacom.
    4. Fixed Voice feature with Xbox.
    5. Fixed problem with some VoIP device not working correctly.
    6. Fixed access restriction using TCP&UDP at the same time.
  3. dt9394

    dt9394 Network Guru Member

    Sorry if i am wrong but i recommend user use 2.00.8 version rather than 2.00.10 or 2.00.12.

    2.00.8 is much more "faster" in performance like downloading and etc...
  4. Rar9

    Rar9 Network Guru Member


    Hi Folks,

    just upgraded my wrt54gx v2 to Does anyone else have problems with Skype? I can connect, but the quality is not acceptable.

    Any ideas?

  5. smokester

    smokester Network Guru Member

    Re: Skype

  6. jbridges

    jbridges Network Guru Member

    did you find a solution to your problems with a wrt54gx and skype?
    I am also having problems, file transfers are relayed and bad voice quality.
    I haven't found a solution yet.
    I have a case upon with linksys but their ideas are runnning out and don't seem to be helping.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  7. Mabroor

    Mabroor Network Guru Member

    Did anyone have dropped wireless connections with the firmware? My unit gives good signal strength but clients cant connect.
  8. wrt54gx-v2-user

    wrt54gx-v2-user Network Guru Member

    I was having the same Skype issues and am running firmware v2.00.10 (US version).

    I have found a workaround that works consistently for me. After powering the router on, I go to the web administration tool and navigate to the Security tab ( Without changing any settings I hit the "Save Settings" button.

    That's it! From that point onward, Skype works fine.
  9. quintilio

    quintilio LI Guru Member

    Hello man,
    The links is not working.
    Can you post it again?
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