WRT54GX-V2 Hangs on occasion - Strange problem

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by avakil, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. avakil

    avakil Network Guru Member

    Hey all,

    My router hangs on occasion and websites do not show up, but the strange thing is that my AIM, radio streaming all continue to work perfectly.

    By hangs, I mean the top half of CNN.com will show up, but the rest won't. It's very slow to load images. Same thing with my other laptop, and it is only fixed by rebooting the router.

    The desktop I am on currently is static IP, but another laptop I am using is DHCP and the problem still occurs.

    Any ideas? Please help!
  2. wkaml

    wkaml Network Guru Member

    The SAD story is that the WRT54GXv2 and WRT54GXv2 are very instable routers. The firmware versions have issues with VPN connections as well as streaming media such as Skype. I spent hours with Linksys 2nd level support weeks ago about the VPN issues and I called them yesterday regarding some streaming problems. Finally, Linksys is admitting that they have problems with all the WRT54GX... routers and they will have a new firmware in a month or so. For now, get a good old BEFSR11 or BEFSR41 and extend it with a WAP if you need wireless access.
  3. avakil

    avakil Network Guru Member

    I installed the v2.0.0.10 European firmware and it's working pretty well right now. If this doesn't work, I'm considering buying the WRT54G for 40 bucks right now and adding a firmware on it.

    Don't you think it would perform better than what I have now?
  4. wkaml

    wkaml Network Guru Member

    Something else to check - and that might sound stupid - is the temperature of your router. I just fried my good old BEFSR11 by sitting a EG005W Gigabit switch on top of it. Although Linksys built them to be perfectly stackable, you shall never do so because they can not vent anymore and overheat. The first indications of overheating are the same ones that you describe, some services stop working, web site build half way and one day it will be all over. Just one thought on what to check.

    Second, if you do not use a Linksys ...X card on the PC side that goes with the WRT54GX router for the extended range capability, you might as well go with the older WRT54G router and try a new firmware there. Nothing to lose. But check the forum for some WRT54G router news/problems first. Those are my 2 cents.
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