WRT54GX-v2 hurting the rest of my network?!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by The_Real_Mastiff, Dec 15, 2005.

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    I recently bought a WRT54GX-v2 and connected it to my network. But after a few days I started having weird network problems, with media playback suddenly stalling and so on. I didn't really think about the router since I have a rather complicated network with four wired switches, around 15 wired computers, the Linksys and a few WLAN things (notebook, PPC). And the computers that were mostly affected were connected to another switch, and the Linksys is connected to the same main switch. But the affected computers where not connected via the Linksys' LAN ports.

    After a lot of bughunting (using Visual Ping for hours on end while plugging and unplugging stuff) I found out that if I unplugged the Linksys and reset the main switch (pulled the power plug, waited a few seconds and put it back in) the problem was gone. With the Linksys connected I got 1 % loss of pings, without it I didn't just loose 0 % over half an hour, I didn't loose one single ping! In my experience 1 % loss over a LAN is totally unacceptable, that will create problems sooner or later, especially for streaming. I'm on firmware version 2.00.05, but there's nothing newer for Europe. Should I upgrade to the US version and try?
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    but i think i read in another thread you already found it, so it's all good. :thumb:

    now I just need someoen to find me an EU 2.0.10 for my v1 GX and we'll all be sorted. :thumbdown:
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