WRT54GX-v2 - No more Internet

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by Rar9, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Rar9

    Rar9 Network Guru Member

    Hi Folk´s,

    I´ve got an WRT54GX-v2 and upgrade the thing with the 2.00.10 beta firmware about a week ago.

    Since 2 days I can´t access the Internet anymore via the Router.

    I´ve reseted the hole thing via the Router SW and the Hardware-Switch and I still don´t get connected.

    On the status pages it does show the provides IP numbers, but that is it. - no internet pages will display.

    I´ve tried to downgrade the firmware back to 2.00.08 but the Router freezes while updateing. Is there another Reset method?

    Any suggestions or is the Router defect?

    Another question I´ve got is that if i go on to the official linksys pages (Germany) i only find the 1.xxx firmware only the US pages have the 2.xxx versions.

    Is my router a US version ? It was shiped with 2.00.06!!! and bought via the Web from a German shop.

    Regards Rar9
  2. wkaml

    wkaml Network Guru Member

    Done the same thing without changing much.
    Of the three (3) issues with version v2.00.08
    #1 remote admin did not work
    #2 DDNS update did not work
    #3 Nortel VPN over PPTP did not work

    only one (1) got fixed: #1
    still got issues #2 and #3.

    call up your router's IP address like and see what the output is. Any indication as of it's US or EU?

    Are YOU located in Germany? Who is your ISP? - I am personally located in the US but am trying to get that same router running for my parents in Austria and having difficulties too.

    Let me know.
  3. wkaml

    wkaml Network Guru Member

    BTW: For folks who want to try the v2.0.0.10 firmware for their WRT54GX-v2 US routers, you may give it a try. I will see if I can attach the firmware to this message. Hope it works for you!
    In case my upload does not work, the link that I got from Linksys online live chat support is: WRT54GX-v2 US firmware
  4. Rar9

    Rar9 Network Guru Member

    HI thank´s for Linksys Chat Support, I got the Router back up and Running.

    Regarding your Issue #3, I also use the Nortel VPN. All I did was configure under Application & Games - Port Trigger the Port to 500. That did the Job.

    Regrards Rar 9
  5. dt9394

    dt9394 Network Guru Member

    PPPoE issue not yet solve in 2.00.10

    have to restart the unit once u get new IP from ur ISP (after 2day long run)
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