WRT54GX v2 no PPPoE connection to 1&1 (Germany)

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by _tobi_, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. _tobi_

    _tobi_ LI Guru Member


    i own a linksys wrt54gx v2 router with firmware
    Can you tell me why it's not possible to connet to www by an pppoe connection? My ISP is 1und1 (1&1). I have entered the user name and password correctly serveral times.

    log says:
    Jan 1 00:22:36 (none) daemon.info pppd[77]: Hangup (SIGHUP)
    Jan 1 00:22:37 (none) daemon.info pppd[79]: Plugin pppoe loaded.
    Jan 1 00:22:37 (none) daemon.info pppd[79]: PPPoE Plugin Initialized
    Jan 1 00:22:37 (none) daemon.notice pppd[79]: pppd 2.3.8 started by (unknown), uid 0

    google told that there were problems with t-online in earlier firmwares. but should fix this? i have also tried us, but it doesn't work!

    What should i enter in the following gaps in the router web interface?
    router name, host name, domain name;

    Leaving them blank doesn't help...

    greetings from germany
  2. Ariovist

    Ariovist Guest

    Do you get a connection without the router?
  3. Toink

    Toink Network Guru Member

    If you can get a connection , as Ariovist have noted, you may have to set your WRT54GX to "Automatic Configuration - DHCP"....

    My ISP is on PPPoE. However, I prefer the modem to be in bridge mode and my WRT54GX-v2 to do the PPPoE... You may also configure your modem the same way I do, or just stick to Automatic Configuration.....

    I would also suggest that you update its firmware to the latest version which is 2.00.20. The latest version fixed a few bugs on that router.
  4. _tobi_

    _tobi_ LI Guru Member

    yes i have tried my avm fritzbox before and there were no problems.

    I am directly connected to the dsl splitter, so there is no dsl modem between.
    Because of this automatic configuration won't help me...

    Hopefully the update will solve my problems.

  5. Toink

    Toink Network Guru Member

    Errr.. wait.. when you said you're directly connected to the DSL splitter, you mean:

    DSL spliter ---> WRT54GX-v2---> PC ???

    You do know that the WRT54GX-v2 is NOT a modem/router, yes? You need a modem to connect it to....
  6. _tobi_

    _tobi_ LI Guru Member

    I thought my wrt54gx is a modem/router combination...:redface:
    Having 2 fritzboxes at home made me think that each router has a modem included.
    Thanks for your help!
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