WRT54GX-v2 Port Forwarding & UPNP

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Astronut, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Astronut

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    I'm running this router with v2.00.10 EU firmware -
    filename: WRT54GX-v2_EU_2.00.10.bix

    I also run a software firewall Kerio Personal Firewall v2.1.2 primarily to keep tabs on outgoing traffic and log selected incoming and outgoing traffic.

    When playing online games, I've noticed some odd behaviour from the router. In the software firewall, I've configured a rule for the game Counter Strike:Source to allow all outgoing UDP/TCP packets and allow TCP/UDP incoming packets to ports 1024-27900 inclusive and I'm logging this rule when it's activated.

    I would have expected the router to block all incoming packets to the game until I'd activated port forwarding for the necessary ports
    but the game seems to work flawlessly without port forwarding and the incoming packets are getting through to the game as revealed in the software firewall's logs.

    Thinking it could be because UPNP was enabled, I checked and to my surprise it was disabled. I enabled it, thinking there might be a bug in the configuration webpage ie. enabling it might disable it and vice versa but this had no effect. The game worked flawlessly and all incoming packets were allowed through despite having Port forwarding disabled and regardless of whether UPNP was enabled or not.
    I know that the port forwarding works as expected because I have to enable it for a certian peer-to-peer file sharing program to work and this is why I fully expected to have to enable it for online games.

    Can anyone shed any light on this weirdness? Could it be that UPNP is enabled permanently with this firmware?

    If I disconnect from the game server and quit the game, the router 'denial of service' log shows the still arriving incoming packets from the server being blocked as expected - the server keeps sending packets down to me until it realises I'm no longer connected. So this shows that the router is blocking unwanted traffic as expected but not when the game is connected to a server.
    It's next to impossible to tell when these incoming packets were blocked though because the date/time stamps in most of the router logs are completely out of whack. (another firmware bug)

    I was fully expecting to have to enable port forwarding for this game but this doesn't seem to be the case. Is UPNP borked in this firmware? ie. permanently enabled regardless of setting.

    As a side note, I notice the latest official firmware release on the US webpage is now up to v2.00.15. Why is Europe being left out in the cold with older firmware? :thumbdown:
    I had to get v2.00.10 off Linksys's ftp site after being given a link to it by ringing Linksys support.
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