WRT54GX-v2 Problem

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Zepophan, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Zepophan

    Zepophan Guest

    Hi All!

    We're using an WRT54GX-v2 router with the newest firmware (2.00.15). I've hade some strange problems with disconnects/reconnects etc.

    But now to something else,
    When running system log. The router does the following very often (10-20 times per hour)

    Sep 25 09:35:39 (none) user.warn klogd: unregister mac on radio 0 00:06:F4:0C:79:1B
    Sep 25 09:35:39 (none) user.debug klogd: wns msg rcvd: type = 0x130a^Ilength = 30
    Sep 25 09:35:52 (none) user.warn klogd: register link id 1 mac on radio 0 00:06:F4:0C:79:1B
    Sep 25 09:35:52 (none) user.err AA: aniAsfTimer.c:445 Null Duration
    Sep 25 09:35:52 (none) user.debug klogd: wns msg rcvd: type = 0x1308^Ilength = 46

    Anyone who's got an idea what these messages mean?
    The MAC adress does not belong to any of our connected computers nor the router itself (As far as I can see with the routing table and sysinfo).

    Do we have someone trying to connect? :biggrin:
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