WRT54GX v2 - Small dropouts every hour or so (lan).

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by BladeR200, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. BladeR200

    BladeR200 Network Guru Member


    Could anyone verify if this is a common problem or if there is something wrong with my WRT54GX v2.

    I use the router on a LAN network with a fiber connection to the Internet. I only consider the router/lan part for now, and not the wireless (I've had no chance to check the stability for the wlan).

    My problem is that with the router installed I get small dropouts at random intervals (1-3 hours). They are so small that only streaming applications and some programs like mirc (irc) drops the connection. MSN messenger usually holds the connection (or at least I dont notice anything). Filetransfers with window file shareing are also interrupted/stopped.

    I've tried everything from US firmware 2.00.2 to EU 2.00.12... I have disabled anything from wireless to firewall... still the same problem. The best firmware seems to be 2.00.10 EU.

    I can't believe that what is considered one of the more expensive home routers are this unstable??? :sad: (firmware 2.00.12 was even worse.. using full speed from LAN-WAN with ftp I couldn't get any other traffic through! (even msn dropped with QoS enabled :eek:)

    I don't see any wrong settings that could cause this... and it's not like i'm connected to a DSL line or anything. Connections to the LAN on the WAN side :-P is also dropped.

    Should I return it or?

    Live support suggested that I changed the MTU to 1400, but this hasn't changed anything.
  2. DongTran

    DongTran Network Guru Member

    I am experiencing this too, however I see it with both wired and wireless clients.

    Just for kicks, when my connection starts lagging, I start tracert'ing things off the top of my head. My ISP is Comcast cable, and I immediately pointed the finger at them. Now whenever I am experiencing slowness, I tracert www.comcast.com, I'll see a nice 1ms response from my router, and everything else is *. Now I am not so sure...

    I am using WRT54GX v2 firmware 2.00.08. Various client of MacOS, XP, Fedora, blah.

    It's really beginning to piss me off.
  3. fizgigtiznalkie

    fizgigtiznalkie LI Guru Member

    same issues, dhcp used to always flake on me too.
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