WRT54GX VPN client issue

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by cuti, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. cuti

    cuti Network Guru Member

    I have the problem Client VPN (Windows XP Pro) with my new router WRT54GX. When I connect VPN, I have the error 721. This connection is working well with my old WRT54G. My setup is correct, Security tab-->PPTP passthrough enabled, Port forwarding 1723, 47,43,50-51 and 500.
    I tried to flash the new firmware 1.01.05 and hard reset. I do everything but nothing still 721.
    Could you help me ?
  2. DennisI

    DennisI Network Guru Member

    I am not much help here. But I thought I would let you know that I have the WRT54GX also and am using PPTP vpn connection and it works just fine with no port forwarding set. I just enabled the PPTP setting in the Security VPN tab and it worked right away.

    Maybe the problem is on the other end of your vpn connection.

  3. cuti

    cuti Network Guru Member

    Thank Dennis,
    I will try it.
  4. stevejoe

    stevejoe Network Guru Member


    I have the exact same problem and now believe that it's a firmware issue on the new router but so far Linksys has not yet addressed it. We've tried 3 different WRT54GX routers in separate remote offices and they all have this same problem - the one you describe. When we swap the SRX router out and replace it with various older Linksys routers such as the BEFSR11, the VPN connection works 100% of the time. I've talked with Linksys support about this and they finally escalated me to a 3rd level tech who still could not resolve the issue. Then they sent me a replacement unit but it also exhibited the same problem. We've walked through just about every WRT54GX setting and they are all correct. The VPN connection problem occurs on both laptops and desktops using Windows XP Home and XP Pro connecting through the SRX router on the client side of a VPN connection. The only difference each time has been using an older Linksys router (where VPN works great) and then switching in the SRX router (where VPN doesn't work). Keep talking to Linksys support and hopefully they'll fix this soon if enough people report the problem.
  5. cuti

    cuti Network Guru Member

    Thank SteveJoe,
    You are right, the problem is not solved for this router. Something wrong. It works sometime when I am resetting the router, but when I disconnect and I reconnect, nothing done. I've contacted the Linksys support two times : they told me the problem comes from hardware. I've contacted a network engineer of my office, he debug my connection. For him, there are the problem from NAT of WRT54GX.
  6. RoundSparrow

    RoundSparrow Network Guru Member

    I seem to have problems with the NAT of the WRT54GX where older LinkSys routers work fine in replacement.... no VPN here, but it sure seems to me the nat on this router has some issues.
  7. cuti

    cuti Network Guru Member

    I upgrade to the new firmware 1.2.2 EU, but the problem is still.
  8. cuti

    cuti Network Guru Member

    With the new firmware 1.2.2 EU, when i disable the firewall, the VPN Client is working, but not nice. Something wrong.
  9. kendinh

    kendinh Guest


    i have an exact issue with what ya'll described, My vpn network configured and worked fine with a netgear router. the only reson i replaced it with WRT54GX is becuase of the wireless ap. but after all the time i spend, is still not working as far as VPN goes. I can't not return the damm thing cause it sat at my house over three month now. What a piece of crap i paid for. I guess my next try would be Cisco 877 ADSL modem.

  10. wkaml

    wkaml Network Guru Member

    Guys, sorry, I keep repeating myself here today, but I have confirmed several VPN and streaming (Skype) bugs with Linksys about the WRT54GXv2 and WRT54GX2 router today that they will have firmware update for the earliest in a month or so. Unfortunately, those routers are loaded with featuers and hence with bugs as well due to insufficient testing I assume. Go out and get an old BEFSR11 or BEFSR41 with less features but much more stable software and use a WAP if necessary. The new Linksys routers are terrible in terms of bugs to say the least.
    If you try to keep fixing those issues, you will only waste your time... trust me.
  11. dannyp

    dannyp Network Guru Member

    Well I've just replaced my WRT54G with a WRT54GX v2 and I do not have any problems (yet) with an IPSEC VPN connection using the Cisco VPN Client.

    I've tried several connect / disconnect cycles sucessfully and a few ms exchange sessions over IPSEC without problems. :thumb:

    I'm running the v2.00.10 EU firmware.

    Have they fixed it, am I just lucky, what scenario can I try to provoke the problems others were seeing?
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