WRT54GX VPN Problems

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by DJMarkM, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. DJMarkM

    DJMarkM Network Guru Member

    Just thought I'd post this here to let you all know of a possible issue with the new WRT54GX (SRX Model) and VPN Connections. I've also passed this problem over to Linksys and they seem to think it is an issue as well.

    This is using the latest firmware on the Linksys Site 1.02.06

    The basic problem is that whenever one of our users tries to VPN in to our Windows 2003 Server, they get a connection then it times out at the "Verifying username and Password" stage before failing with Err 721:Remote Computer did not respond.

    We used to have a WRT54G v1 and this worked fine but as soon as we swapped it out with the new SRX version we have this problem.

    I have been on to Linksys tech support and we have tried everything like opening ALL of the ports, putting the 2003 Server in the DMS but none of it works.

    SO a word of warning if you want to use the SRX model with VPN's. Wait for them to fix this first !!

  2. cuti

    cuti Network Guru Member

  3. sliver

    sliver Network Guru Member

    2.0 model has this same issue. Nortel VPN client does not work. My works Juniper client does though.. conspiracy? ;)
  4. Anteater2

    Anteater2 Network Guru Member

    I have the same problem. Version 2.0 of the WRT54GX does not currently allow VPN pass-through with the latest firmware.

    I contacted Linksys support regarding this issue and was informed that they have no timeframe for a firmware update.

    I've had to go back to using my WRT54GS for now.
  5. HiTEC

    HiTEC Network Guru Member

    I had a version 1 which I had no problems with. It crapped out on me, and I sent it back under warranty and they sent me a version 2. I put the latest firmware on it, and my VoIP service will not work thru it.

    I was forced to fall back to my crappy old Netgear router, then I finally went out an bought a WRT54G because I can't use my knew GX v2 router.

    Sounds like they got multiple issues with the GX line. :thumbdown:
  6. DocLarge

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    So, regardless of the router having port 1723 forwarded to the vpn server and the policy on server set to 1) allow groupname access 2) PPTP (or L2TP) protocol 3) Allowed access of users, you still can't make the connection?

    *Sheeesh* I'd probably just get a real VPN router after all of that:


    I got mine for $78 from newegg.com; I just attached a spare wireless router to as an access point so I coud manage it.

  7. HiTEC

    HiTEC Network Guru Member

    Regardless what you do on the WRT54GX (v2) my Sipura VoIP will not work with it.

    DMZ Mode, fwd'ing SIP ports, ... other settings.

    Worked fine with an ancient Linksys router I have, my old Netgear, WRT54G, and even the WRT54GX (v1).

    V2 is a piece.
  8. Nationaltec

    Nationaltec Guest

    Anyone having this VPN issue ever have it work sometimes?

    Guys, Thanks for posting this issue !!!!!! I'm driving my MIS guys nuts over this...

    I have a GXV2 router/laptop card and for some reason my VPN would only work SOME OF THE TIME.. One day 2 Hrs straight without a problem, later VPN connection issues for several days.. 90% of the time the VPN would connect but I couldnt RDP to my office desktop.

    Based on a MS doc regarding VPN issues with XP SP2 & 2003 Domains(something about old SSID's) I had my account recreated at the office and it worked !!! I was on for 6hrs straight last night...

    This morning.. I cant even connect to the VPN.. (just tried again, no/go)

    Been through all the troubleshooting issues possible... But I'd sure like to know if anyone had SOME SUCCESSFUL CONNECTS.

    Thanks for the post !

    ** Regardless ! This GX stuff is fantastic.. Sig Strength & Speed are awesome.. I hope they work the bugs out! I am curious why the slower 200 series came out though....
  9. sigamore

    sigamore Guest

  10. HiTEC

    HiTEC Network Guru Member

    Re: Beta firmware version 10.0

    Yea thanks! I saw that and thought about trying it. I figured I've been without my SRX router for this long and things have been just fine with my WRT54G. I figure I'll just wait until they come out with something final. I sure hope they do something this year.

  11. wkaml

    wkaml Network Guru Member

    WRT54GXv2 and WRT54GX2 (SRX200) VPN issues

    Somebody should make this a sticky and make sure future buyers do not fall into this darn Linksys trap: VPN just won't work with WRT54GX* routers, that means WRT54GXv2 and WRT54GX2 - the later being the SRX200 version.

    Currently I have 4 support tickets open with Linksys regarding those routers and I am ready to pack one up and return it. I have really tried my best to trouble shoot with Linksys 2nd level support. One time we were on the phone for 2:54 hours and I had my desktop shared with the 2nd level support guy for him to recognize the problem and admit that is truely a Linksys router issue. While the BEFSR11 router works like a charm with the Juniper Safenet SoftRemote VPN client and the Nortel Contivity VPN client, none of the two WRT54GXv2 and WRT54GX2 routers would work. I have installed beta firmware v2.00.10 and v1.00.11 respecively and nothing works.
    I hope that Linksys will start working on those issues really soon.

    For now, just STAY AWAY from the WRT54GXv2 and the WRT54GX2. You will waste your time. Promise!
  12. HiTEC

    HiTEC Network Guru Member

    Re: WRT54GXv2 and WRT54GX2 (SRX200) VPN issues

    I totally agree. I too have a ticket open (probably been open for 6 months). I didn't take it much further than that, because I'd rather chew glass than talk to their technical support people.
  13. bernybon

    bernybon Guest

    now fixed

    hey is it fixed now?

    I have the vpn error 800 all the time.. I have WRT54GX Firmware Version: 1.02.14, all port opened.. all protocol enabled.. what should I do now?

    I`m desperate
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