WRT54GX will not allow reconnecting to a mapped drive, maybe

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Nov 28, 2005.

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    Hello all. I am trying to setup a small network for a customer. We are using a WRT54GX with three workstations. The prior router died on us, the customer purchased and installed the WRT54GX, and got everything working, including mapped drives. He asked me to set up encryption for him, which I did, but that somehow caused problem with his new Internet service and he could not see the Inet on one machine. We turned off encryption and the Inet came right back but then we started having problems with mapping a drive on system restart. The customer has his QuickBooks files on a workstation. He uses his network to connect with those files and they are mapped to a virtual drive on the workstation to which he connects. Now, when we attempt to reconnect the network drive, we get a Windows error message that says something like "Sorry, can not do that, there is not enough room on the server." Of course, the drive we are using has 37 gigabytes of free space so we know there is room. We can ping the workstation, and vice versa, so we know that comms are good. I am not sure if this is a Windows error, or a Router error. Can anyone help PLEASE!
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    im not sure about that error that your getting but are you connecting to this other workstation by IP address?? Make sure you can ping the other computers. if you mapped it to an IP that the other router was giving out (different from the current router) its not going to find the desired computer.
    can you connect to the computer with \\192.168.X.X or even the computer name \\NAME if you can connect with either of those it just needs to be re-mapped.
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