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  1. Fush

    Fush Network Guru Member

    Just wondering if anyone has a solution to no PPPOA on the WRT54GX Router, because the modem works fine in PPPOA but i have it in bridged mode

    any help would be great cheers

  2. SimonMackay

    SimonMackay Network Guru Member


    What you may need to do is set up the ADSL2MUE unit as a "half-bridge" with its own login client working. This will mean setting it up for PPPoA. As well, it will need to be set up for a different subnet. This was based on some information I had read in a discussion board about ADSL in the UK. There, most ADSL Internet services work on PPPoA and there have been two other ADSL modems being sold in that country -- them being the ADSLNation X-Modem and the D-Link DSL-300 Series modems. The common scenario was to hook up the Linksys WRT-54G to a common ADSL service and this was achieved using one of these modems as a "half-bridge" with login duties being performed by the ADSL modem.

    Directly connect the ADSL2MUE to an Ethernet-enabled PC and log in as per the ADSL2MUE's instruction book. Set the login method to PPPoA and the login credentials to what you were given by your ISP. Set up for "keep-alive". Go to the "Network Setup" options and set the IP address to and leave the DHCP pool settings alone. You are setting up the "admin" page for your ADSL2MUE.

    Pull new IP parameters using your operating system's methods (Winipcfg (Windows 98), Ipconfig /renew (Windows Me, 2000, XP)) and log in at . If you are successful, connect the Ethernet cable from the ADS2MUE to the WRT-54G's WAN (Internet) port. Run an Ethernet cable from the WRT-54G's LAN port to the PC's Ethernet port. Start up both the ADSL2MUE and WRT-54G, pull new IP parameters and log in to the WRT-54G.

    The Internet login on the WRT-54G should be set up to Dynamic IP. This is because the login client in the ADSL2MUE is looking after the login regime for the network edge. Mostly, upon login, the ADSL2MUE should present the "outslde IP" to the WRT54G.

    As well, all network clients should link to the WRT-54G as their gateway.

    I hope that this is of use to you,

    With regards,

    Simon Mackay
  3. theperm

    theperm Network Guru Member

    I tried this with another router i have, a hotbrick LB2 and i couldnt get the WAN IP to get passed on to it. Even so if the modem is in half-bridged mode using PPPoA shouldn't plugging a PC into it that on DHCP pick up the external IP. It didnt and instead picked up an IP in the 192.168.100.x range.

    Does this modem support the feature outlined above? Has anyone sucessfully achieved this?
  4. dirtyat

    dirtyat Guest

    I to am returned a 192.168.100 address.

    The setup you are thinking of works with Telewest Broadband, a cable company. however, there modems act as a half bridge correctly.

    I have tried and tried to get the ADSL2MUE working as a bridge or half bridge using PPPoA and its impossible! I gave up... I am using a Dlink 300T ADSL ethernet modem instead that is acting as a half bridge.

    Just a shame, the ADSL2MUE stacked nicly on top of my WRT54GS :(

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