WRT54GX2 Done now?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by SBTRS, May 1, 2006.

  1. SBTRS

    SBTRS Network Guru Member

    Is the WRT54GX2 (SRX200) a finished /outdated product now? No new firmware since 1/2006 and it does still need a bit of work. Do not see much about it anymore and noticed the GX4 had a new update recently. Just wondering is I have an obsolete product already a few months after purchase
  2. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    IMO, SRX series is dead as it could be one of the major disasters from Linksys. they could be concentrating more on the N series henceforth. same case with WRV54G as WRV200 is around the corner.
  3. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The WR54GX4 just got a updated firmware and the WRT300N also. There maybe further firmware for the older GX series. I would not buy the WRT300N or any pre-n routers until 802.11N has been adopted. THe WPC54GX and WPC54GX4 does not reported perform well with the WRT300N, so if you want to invest in a whole new set of pre-n wireless NICs, which may not work well with the 802.11N standard.
  4. WirelessOverSand

    WirelessOverSand LI Guru Member

    Just a thought - why would anyone need to go to "N" if their only requirement (I suspect most people in a "domestic" situation) is to share 1, 2, 4 or even 8 Mb/s of broadband internet?

    I have my "GS" system set to "b only" (11Mbits/s) as I understand that this gives a faster response time (system not wasting time polling for "g" inputs), and we have only a 256Mb/s internet feed.

  5. Linkyguy

    Linkyguy Network Guru Member

    N vs GX series

    I have a mix of WPC300N and GX4 adapters with the WRT300N router and the GX4's only show connections at 54Mbps. I was told by Linksys that the GX's would still be supported (and enhanced) but who knows? They don't have a consistent message there. Interestingly, the WMP54GX4 PCI adapter is not to be found on the Linksys support page for drivers OR even the product page! Even though I have 2 sitting in my house. Calls to Linksysx re this "omission" were met with.........no response.
  6. WirelessOverSand

    WirelessOverSand LI Guru Member

    I'm afraid that Linksys have some great hardware but, from what I hear all around, let themselves down with the "suspectedly-outsourced" Tech Support side.

    It would appear that their Tech Support is somewhere that has cheaper labour costs than USA or Europe, but it would seem that that labour is either of lower quality or is not sufficiently trained. (trying very hard to be "politically correct" here!)

    Where I live, we have a lot of low-end staff with a lack of skills too; it has taken 3 days of problem calls to the ISP with a friend's computer, which frequently gives an error message when trying to send email from Outlook Express. The local ISPs "tech support" has had us deleting and re-entering the account details twice and finally advised him to "remove Outlook Express and re-install it" 8O

    This morning I took another look at it and found that he had installed the "Internet Acellerator" that was promoted and supplied by the ISP and removing this piece of software removed the problem! :drinking:
  7. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    Got infor that there's a beta 1.01.15 around for the GX2..!!!
  8. SBTRS

    SBTRS Network Guru Member

    Well Well, Where would that be? Dont see it on the FTP server (opensource) folder. It really is good to hear they are actually working on something for this model. Otherwise about as short lived as any I have seen. Even the first GX models are getting attention and updates. Thanks for the info. If you see it somewhere let us know
  9. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    one source info'd me that she got it from the chat techs. check out, confirm n let everyone know what it fixed and what it didnt..!! :-(
  10. Varadin

    Varadin LI Guru Member

    MadhuriRao (50437): Hi, my name is MadhuriRao (50437). How may I help you?
    MadhuriRao (50437): Hi Les , how are you doing ?
    Les: Hello there, it is rumored that there is a Beta release of firmware for the WRT54GX2 floating around and that it might be available from the online techs such as yourself. The revision would be 1.01.15... any way you could let me know if this is true?
    MadhuriRao (50437): The beta firmware is 1.01.16
    Les: Interesting, is there any way I could get my hands on that - I understand that it is beta.
    MadhuriRao (50437): Sure.
    MadhuriRao (50437): But let me have your alternate email ID .
    Les: v********
    MadhuriRao (50437): And may I please have your contact number .
    Les: 678*******
    MadhuriRao (50437): You would receive the firmware in less than 24 hours from now .
    Les: Via email as an attachment?
    MadhuriRao (50437): Yes as an attachment .
    Les: That's great, thank you for your time
    MadhuriRao (50437): Your most welcome.
    MadhuriRao (50437): Do you have any other questions that I can help you with today?
    Les: No, thank you.
  11. Shrink0823

    Shrink0823 Network Guru Member

    Varadin: did you get the beta firmware? Any chance of sharing the wealth <g>?

  12. WARPed-too

    WARPed-too LI Guru Member

    You can get it from this site in the downloads area.
  13. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    How is this new beta, by the way?
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