Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by IssaFram, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. IssaFram

    IssaFram Network Guru Member

    I've had the WRT54GX2 for about 4 months now. Its been causing problems since day one. After some of my problems Linksys told me to upgrade the firmware. I attempted to but it never worked. It turned out that i had to change the extension on the firmware file from .bix to .bin. I have no idea why. But that finally worked and the router was working great for like a week or so. Now another problem has appeared. On my laptop I always get excellent signal but the throughput keeps on dropping. I have no reason why. I have the latest firmware and the latest drivers for my wireless card. I've tried everything. Anybody have any ideas?
  2. Randy

    Randy Network Guru Member

    It's overheating. I posted a thread several weeks ago about the same thing. They told me there's new fimware (due any day now) that fixes the problem(i'll believe it when i see it). I've already done returns and made 4 calls in the last 4 weeks about the same issue. just hold tight and check there site everyday for an update.
  3. Randy

    Randy Network Guru Member

    I just got off the phone with linksys about this problem. I don't envy the guy I spoke to because I pretty well chewed him up and spit him out!! I'm supposed to receive the newest firmware via email in the next 3 hours. We will see if this works
  4. IssaFram

    IssaFram Network Guru Member

    If you ever get anything please tell me.
  5. Randy

    Randy Network Guru Member

    Well.... well....well. After being on the phone for 1 hour and talking to the level 2 techs, They say the firmware 1.01.14 is/was the beta everyone was talking about!! The problem is still there and I have to sent the unit back for replacement (this makes #3 that I've returned).

    When I get it back it's going on ebay unopened and ill never purchase that SRX from them again!! Here what I think of you linksys :thumbdown: :argue: :wallbang: :whip: :banned: :banned:

    If you have the GX2 with the SRX200 and your having the disconnect problems..........put your head between your legs and kiss your....you now the rest of the story...your going to have to wait till they decide to fit it
  6. IssaFram

    IssaFram Network Guru Member

    its been about 4 months since i purchased this router. Will Linksys send me another one or am i stuck with it? And if they would return it how do i go about getting it?
  7. Varadin

    Varadin LI Guru Member

    Contact the online chat techs, they are sending me the beta firmware... see chat below.

    MadhuriRao (50437): Hi, my name is MadhuriRao (50437). How may I help you?
    MadhuriRao (50437): Hi Les , how are you doing ?
    Les: Hello there, it is rumored that there is a Beta release of firmware for the WRT54GX2 floating around and that it might be available from the online techs such as yourself. The revision would be 1.01.15... any way you could let me know if this is true?
    MadhuriRao (50437): The beta firmware is 1.01.16
    Les: Interesting, is there any way I could get my hands on that - I understand that it is beta.
    MadhuriRao (50437): Sure.
    MadhuriRao (50437): But let me have your alternate email ID .
    Les: va********
    MadhuriRao (50437): And may I please have your contact number .
    Les: 678********
    MadhuriRao (50437): You would receive the firmware in less than 24 hours from now .
    Les: Via email as an attachment?
    MadhuriRao (50437): Yes as an attachment .
    Les: That's great, thank you for your time
    MadhuriRao (50437): Your most welcome.
    MadhuriRao (50437): Do you have any other questions that I can help you with today?
    Les: No, thank you.
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