WRT54GX2 Rebooting

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by bigpappageorgio, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. bigpappageorgio

    bigpappageorgio LI Guru Member

    Hello, new to the forums here. I have a WRT54GX2 Ver. 1.0 router that has worked flawlessly since the day I bought it (about 18 months ago)

    Yesterday it started randomly rebooting, but only after I connect my laptop wirelessly. My 2 home pc's will stay connected forever (wired), but if I open up the laptop and connect (wirelessly), it will reboot the router after about 20 seconds, and continue to reboot every minute or so until I shut off the laptop.

    I thought I would flash the firmware, so I am now at 1.01.22 , it was 1.01.14 , but that doesnt seem to have helped any.

    Any thoughts as to what may be causing this?
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    I would not flash a firmware update to a newer versionif the router is not working correctly. If you want to update the firmware. the safest wayis to reset to factory defaults and then do the firmware update. The setting may not be stored at different locations. Check thefirmware readme to determine if its fixes any problem you need fixed.
  3. bigpappageorgio

    bigpappageorgio LI Guru Member

    The firmware didnt address any of my issues, im not sure if the router is on its last leg or not. I have never heard of a router that randomly restarts ONLY when a wireless connection is made with it.
  4. dvader654

    dvader654 Guest

    Any help on this, I have the exact same issue. Same router, same issues, it resets when something tries to connect wirelessly. It works fine wired to the PC, but when I try to access it with my laptop or PS3 it reboots constantly. I managed to log on the PS3 for a bit when it was reconnecting, it was working great until it shut itself off.

    I also updated all the firmware and all that, nothing worked.
  5. phil0801

    phil0801 Guest

    I got the same issue yesterday.....if I open wireless connection..the router will auto restarting itself. If i closed wireless, everything works fine. Is there any way to solve this issue? my firmware is 1.01.22 too
  6. BigMessy

    BigMessy Guest

    I have been having the same problem since mid January. I was already on the newest firmware and everything was working flawlessly for over a year. Around mid January I started having the same issue described above. As soon as wirless connectivity is enabled and anything tries to connect (laptop, XBOX, zune) the router starts continuously rebooting its self. Has anyone had any luck with this, or is the router just dying?
  7. StubbornNeck

    StubbornNeck Guest

    I have also started to notice this problem. I have tried a full reset of my router, along with reflashing of the firmware 1.01.22. This is very annoying, and if not fixed soon by Linksys I feel its time for something new... * non linksys product *
  8. BackSpacer

    BackSpacer Guest

    wow, this is weird. I found this forum on the net while trying to diagnose my router problem and I am having the same problem. this router has been working great for about a year now, and just within the past week, it is doing the reboot thing like these other guys. is there a fix yet?
  9. cougar541

    cougar541 Guest

    Same Problem

    Anybody found a solution to this yet?
  10. customwelds

    customwelds Guest

    mine just started doing it yesterday, same exaxt problem, same symptoms.
  11. LaplaceBob

    LaplaceBob Guest


    Seeing several other Router Mfrs. now saying Reboots related to XP SP3 being released in the wild now and responsible for rash of these issues accross various Routers. Related to DHCP and Flag 43 as I recall. At least one Mfr has released a Patch to their Router to address...I would feel better if Linksys would at least Acknowledge the problem regardless if Microsoft or Linksys is to blame. Any thoughts???


    PS...This is where I go for Help with such problems and I have had this issue for past month or so...Initially blamed on WIFI Blackberry but can confirm network stays stable for days until power up XP Laptops...Other PC are Windows 2000
  12. ceralon

    ceralon LI Guru Member

    I started having this problem last Thursday 7/24/08

    I came across this forum when I googled "WRT54GX2 randomly restarts"

    I have been running XP SP3 on my laptop, pc and media center since it was in beta. I would say Feb? No issues.

    My router will be fine on LAN. As soon as my Wireless Bridge, laptop or PDA connect it restarts within 3-5 minutes. I see it restarting because all the lights flash on the router and my LAN gets disconnected as if I unplugged my cat5 cable. Very strange.

    I too, have the latest FW and have had the latest fw for along time.

    I've had this router almost 2 1/2 years now, no issues.
  13. james_85_jr

    james_85_jr Guest

    I may have solved the problem

    I bought a wrt54gx2 from ebay with the same problem it would run for an hour or so and start restarting for no reason so I took it apart and the processor is completely covered where air cant get to it to cool it off so I took the cover off and then found a small heatsink and superglued it on sense that was all i had at the time and now im able to run 3 computers on it at the same time for 3 days strait with no restarts but the outside of the case seems to get warm to the touch now witch it didnt before maby that means it is disapating the heat better :)

    Hope this helps
  14. mac.man25

    mac.man25 Guest

    I had the same problem in my WRT54GX2, I opened it up and removed the shields covering everything and found a bulging capacitor on the power supply filter. It's got a 12v power supply and this cap is rated at 10v.

    The cap was rated at 470 microF and 10v. This cap handles 12v so it should be a 16v cap. I pulled an old one out of a dead ATX Power supply and it has been working great since then.

    As far as the heatsink solution goes, it is just prolonging the inevitable. The reason why heat is an issue at all is because the cap is failing. The CPU and everything is designed to run very hot, over 200 degrees F. But as it gets hotter, it takes more energy to do the same amount of work, so there is more load on the power supply, hence more load on the cap, and that's where your reboot happens. So by cooling it you are lessing the load on the cap. Plug in another computer and tell me if it still works. :)

    Good luck guys. Sorry to say the solution requires soldering.... :( if you haven't soldered much before, be careful, there's some surface mount stuff pretty close to the cap.


    I forgot to mention I work at a company that designs wireless embedded computers like routers. :thumbup:
  15. bryan.jones

    bryan.jones Guest

    You, sir, are a genius. This is the cap at c21, is it not? Subtle, but definitely present bulge on mine.

    However I'm NOT quite a genius when it comes to using a soldering iron. Worth a try tho! Now I just need to scrape up the capacitor necessary.
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