WRT54GX2 (SRX200) Access restrictions

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by SBTRS, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. SBTRS

    SBTRS Network Guru Member

    I seem to be having trouble with the access retrrictions on the SRX200 (WRT54GX2). I have a rule set for no access from 11:00pm to 7:00am for a couple different MAC addresses. Seems to work but almost every day those 2 loose connectivity totally. I can disable and re-enable that rule and it comes back and follows "the rule". I had another rule to disable the same MAC's all the time but wanted to simply enable and disable at will when I wanted them blocked. I finally had to delete it as it would cause the same issue even when disabled. Is there any known issues with this functionallity with this router? I have the latest firmware 1.01.11. Also the time seems to be a bit strange too as I am east coast (EST) and at 9:31 pm the router shows 10:57 PM (GMT-4:00). On the setup page EST is GMT-5:00. No where to set the time that I can see either. I sorta suspected the time was a factor but disable and re-enable to toggle the rule seems to restore internet access to those 2 machines as long as with in "access time" (Until the next day or so) Ideas?
  2. SBTRS

    SBTRS Network Guru Member

    hmmm is it safe to assume no one has had any issues with this? Or perhaps no one has tried to use it? I have turned off all rules and since have had no issues with those two machines not being able to connect to the internet. Not real sure why when a rule is set that most every day it stops internet connectivity for those machines and NOT at the times it set for. A simple disable/enable toggle of the rule restores connectivity (temporarily) until next day or so. Would love for someone to try this and see if they experence the same issue. Simple rule of M-F 11:00pm to 7:00am no internet connectivity for MAC xxxxxxxxx. Then see if connectivity fails during the day/evening BEFORE 11:00pm.
  3. pa3asw

    pa3asw Network Guru Member

    wrt54g access restrictions

    same problem, ALLOW does not work at all, DENY works, but not from 11.00 pm till 10.00 am for example.
    only way for me is DENY from 12.00 am till 1.00 PM
    This means the router doen not give connection to the iternet from 00.00 hour (midnight) till 14.00 hour(afternoon)

    the timestamps don not work properly,

    used router wrt54g V2.0 software V4.20-7 18-8-2005

    Who has an better idea to block internet access from 11.00 pm till 11.00 am???
  4. Chuck_IV

    Chuck_IV Network Guru Member

    Have you tried the new firmware, to see if that helps? It's version 1.01.14 and is dated 1/14/06.
  5. SBTRS

    SBTRS Network Guru Member

    Yep loaded it the other day just before the linksys.org went down. At first seemed to correct it but yesterday the 2 machines in the rule stopped internet connectivity right in the afternoon. However the clock /time issue appears to be corrected now. The status screen time actually shows the correct time since the update. I guess I will delete the rule totally and rebuild it since the new firmware. Will post the results.
  6. Techguy01

    Techguy01 Guest

    same problem here Access restrictions

    Access restrictions
    none of these work at all need to contact Cisco about this and have them fox this
  7. SBTRS

    SBTRS Network Guru Member

    Ok. did a hard reset since updating to 1.01.14. Re-configured the router from scratch and added the rule back. Seems it still does not work. I can still "toggle", disable and enable the rule again to make it work again in the middle of the day but the next day internet connectivity cease's again until the toggle. Strange thing is after the toggle I can leave it enabled and all is fine until the next day. Have not verified but its almost like once it fires off the start time, it never comes out of it at end time and get re-enabled. So maybe it turns off at the time its supposed to but ignores the end time of the rule. Perhaps I can test that next week. Almost not worth the trouble. I can manually work this just as easy.
  8. pa3asw

    pa3asw Network Guru Member

    access restrictions

    Same problem as mentioned before is not improving.
    3 times updated he firmware since buying the wrt54g, now using wrt54G V2.O fw. V4.20-7 18-8-2005.
    access restrictions sometimes do not start or stop or do not work at all.
    delete profiles, creating again, testing with allow or deny, access based on maclayer or ip range, fixed ip or dhcp.
    nothing seems to work properly.

    The router is really doing a good job, and i got no complains about it, only the access control is a bug.
    I hope Linksys will fix this issue.
    Till that time I will use a timeswitch to shut down the AC voltage to the router every day.

    Does anybody know which router (RF or wired) has no problems with programming timelimits? perhaps thanI will not wait for the next firmwareupgrade and sell the Linksys.
  9. krobman

    krobman LI Guru Member

    Restricted Access doesn't work

    Hello All

    PA3ASW Said

    I can't get the Restricted access to work at all!

    Everything else works fine.......I even updated the firmware!

    So now what?

    I think this is a major problem with the WRT54GX2......I'm sure a lot of people haven't noticed it because they probably don't use it.....I would like it to restrict my Teenagers...I don't want them up all night on their PC's....Its always been a feature I liked in any router...... It's not a new idea, routers have been able to do this for a while....!

    does anybody know if Linksys is even working on a fix?

    I just found out after 1 and a half months of having the router that the restrict access didn't work! I found out by accident when my son wanted me to fix his wireless connection....It was 11:30 pm and I told him, " It turns off at 11:30 everynight." and he told me,"No it doesn't, I use it later then that sometimes".......Thats when I decided to check it!

    I assumed it worked.......I didn't think I would have a problem with linksys and it's to late for me to take it back for a refund.

    Does anyone have any new info?

    Take Care All
  10. krobman

    krobman LI Guru Member

    Hello all

    I used Netgear until someone told me they thought Linksys was better....I kinda wish I would have bought Netgear or even Belkin.

    I've been looking at this one Belkin F5D8230-4 Wireless Pre-N Router.....the specs look great...check out the link.


    Take Care All
  11. rtkwebman

    rtkwebman LI Guru Member

    Well at least I know I am not alone trying in vane to manage my teenagers use of the internet through this screwed up router. I have the WRT54G V5 and also have the same issues you all are having. There is no solution... period. After 6 months of trying EVERY decent wireless router out there, none of them can do a simple task like ALLOW access from 9-11pm school nights and 7-11:30pm on weekends based on MAC addressing. I have dug up all sorts of info on possible solutions for the linksys issues and it was all for nothing. In the process I have learned more about this router than I ever cared too.

    It does appear that many of the router manufactures are offering their own web based subscription service that interacts with the router based on rules you set up after logging into their website. Nope, no way are these people getting any more of my hard earned cash. I have decided to simply use an old laptop with a dual NICs as a firewall and be done with it.

    Krobman, I hear you bud, I found out the same way when my daughters started complaining after a couple of months LOL.
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