WRT54GX2 SRX200 firware upgrade ** warning **

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Randy, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. Randy

    Randy Network Guru Member

    The new firmware fixes several problems and creats a new one. After 30 minutes the wireless connetion goes out :sadbye: . I've had to reinstall the origional firware to fix the problem. :eek: The only reason I upgraded was that the wireless connections took 2 or 3 minutes to connect. I'm still very happy with the router and it's speed, :thumbup:

    1.01.06 Sep 11, 2005 First release

    1.01.11 Dec 5, 2005

    1. Fixed web interface problem in PPPoE and PPTP Internet Connection Type.

    2. Changed the Wireless security page to show all 26 characters in 128-bit WEP screen.

    3. Fixed LAN IP address range pool for DHCP server.

    4. Fixed 100MB hub connection would not always work.

    5. Fixed where Port forwarding or DMZ will not allow PPTP server to work behind the router.

    6. Fixed the username and password for PPPoE did not work With the setup wizard

    7. DHCP server is slow to provide an IP address to the PC connected to the Router.

    8. Fixed Access restriction policy would revert to "Disable" when Apply, Cancel, or Close buttom is press in the Port Services window.

    9. Fixed where the website blocking my MAC address would not work.

    10. Fixed where Deny policy of Access restriction disconnects a computer form the router when the IP or MAC address was put in the list of PCs.

    11. fixed Time in the System log was incorrect.

    12. Fixed the status screen where it shows that you are connected even though you are not.

    13. Fixed a failed upgrade when using older browser revision.

    14. Added feature to auto detect the Internet connection type using the updated Setup wizard.

    15. Changed the PPPoE and PPTP to default to Keep alive for USA firmware.

    16. Changed the CTS protection mode to Disable by default

    Check your user guide for Upgrade instructions.
  2. acruxksa

    acruxksa Network Guru Member

    Well, Now I don't feel so bad.
    I've tried about 10 or 12 times to update the firmware for mine and it just refuses to update. I suffered through 2 separate tedious tech calls to get an RMA number for this hunk of sh!t and the last thing I want is another one back. At first I was happy with mine, but then I noticed that my 100mbps cards would occaisionaly connect at 10mbps. One port would actually show a cable short every couple days even though I've never had any trouble with the connection with other routers. Also my wireless laptop takes forever (several tries over the course of a minute or two) to negotiate a dhcp address and the darned thing seemed to really bog down the network for no apparent reason. Tivo movie transfer's were taking 4 or 5 hrs (on a wired network connection). When I put my old extremely cheap Belkin54g router in the WRT54GX2's place the same movies transferred in 30 or 40 minutes. I've got another WRT54GS and will stick with that for awhile. Don't know how long it will take to RMA the X2 SRX200, but I'm probably going to sell it when It comes back.
  3. Randy

    Randy Network Guru Member

    After several attempts to install the updated firmware (1.01.11) again, I finally got it to install. I've had to attempt 5 or 6 times and then when it's done turn the power off and wait the 30 sec. boot back up then when finished, turn pc's back on 1 at a time.

    it does resolve the 10/100 connection problem and it does dramatically improve the connection time.
  4. patfla

    patfla Network Guru Member


    Any idea if it fixes the VPN client problem (as posted elsewhere)?

    I haven't bought yet, and can't buy until VPN client works.

    I have a WRT54G currently, any rough sense from someone who has a WRT54GX2 as to the real improvement in range and speed? Yes I've seen various claims (including Linksys') but would still like to hear from others.

  5. Randy

    Randy Network Guru Member

    see my 1st post, it solves 16 problems. I dont use the VPN client so I cant say.
  6. MrMootsie

    MrMootsie Network Guru Member

    It also took me a few attempts to download the new firmware. The only problem I have is with the wired network. When I plug a laptop in, I get an alternating "network cable disconnected" and "acquiring network address" indication. It never connects. The wireless network operates fine.
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