WRT54GX2 Wired PC Not getting IP assigned via DHCP

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by army, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. army

    army Network Guru Member

    I have had a WRT5GX ver 2 for about 5 months. It has been great. All of a sudden, yesterday (Friday) it just stopped working.

    Tried normal, power down modem, etc and reboot, nothing. Tried resetting router to factory defaults, plug into wired port with XP machine and no IP address is getting assigned via DHCP. Plug cable modem (comcast) directly into PC no problems so modem is working. (that is how I am posting this!)

    Just to be real stupid I went out to Best Buy and bought a new WRTX54GX2, ran the setup disk and it can't detect the router. Because the router did not assign me an IP address.

    Anybody else have this happen to them? I have no clue. I appreciate any help and/or ideas. Thanks you! :sad:
  2. Tweaky

    Tweaky Network Guru Member

    Have you tried setting your IP statically and going into the router that way?
  3. army

    army Network Guru Member

    Thank you for replying. I did try setting my IP statically and still couldn't ping the router. I'm sorry I didn't mention that in the original message.
  4. army

    army Network Guru Member

    Update. Brought my laptop home from the office and tried installing with CD, failed again not getting assigned an IP address.

    Did a hard reset, disconnected router from cable modem and just plugged in laptop to one of the wired ports. Success! I got an IP address. Quickly went to web admin and set up it. Router response got very slow going from page to page in admin, then it lost the IP!

    Rebooted the router, came back up assigned an IP address fine. Attached cable modem, was able to browse internet. Attached original PC to wired port, it received an IP Address fine too.

    All wireless devices (2 PCs and 2 Tivos) all connected fine and we are back in business. Very flaky. Going to try and download a fimrware update for the router. Hopefully that won't wreck my house of cards!
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