WRT54GX4 and XBOX 360 Problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by fillyfrantic, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. fillyfrantic

    fillyfrantic Network Guru Member

    Has anyone else had problems connecting XBOX 360 wireless and the WRT54GX4 router?

    Called Microsoft and they say router too new and they haven't tested yet (so they don't support) and Linksys says to find out the ports from Microsoft, what needs to be opened.

    I know the XBOX works through this router because I connected the XBOX 360 to a wireless bridge (WET54G) via wired ethernet and the bridge connected wireless through the WRT54GX4 (if it were a port blocking problem, I would figure this configuration wouldn't work).

    The XBOX 360 can see the SSID and lets me select the wireless network but nada after that. I've tried both manual and automatic ip (DHCP) configurations in XBOX 360, with/without WEP, MAC filtering.
  2. Col2thecore

    Col2thecore Guest

    I have the same problem i called xbox custmer care and talked to them for 2 hours and had the end they told me they don't lnow what to do
  3. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    Well gents, I'm afraid we are all in the same boat.

    Interesting side note. The old XBOX 802.11g CAT5 connector works like a champ with 360 and the WRT54GX4.

    The port forwarding would only help if you have a router that is blocking connectivity, like the SBC 2WIRE. Side note, this methodolgy, when required, only supports a single XBOX/XBOX 360. Not great if you have, say 2 or more.

    I have verified that the 360 wireless adapter (USB) works with three other models on Linksys router. I'm afraid we are just going to have to wait for the linksys firmware patch.

    I'm torn. I can take this back, and pay almost as much for one that works, but I know it's being replaced by this router!

    If I learn anything, I'll be sure to post it here.

  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The question does it work with any of the SRX series. The chipsets are very different from the other routers and the use of multiple radios (e.g. two radios) and channel bonding on the SRX4 make them different creatures. I would try to force the SRX4 to use a single channel and see if that helps. You can do that by setting the channel to auto.
  5. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    "You mentioned that it is unable to connect only to the WRT54GX4. With regard to this, it is indeed strange that it cannot connect to the Linksys router. There are still some details that we may check in order to resolve this. Please access the set up page of the router then go to the wireless tab. Please set the adaptive channel expansion to “disabled†save the settings and then try to have the XBOX connect to the router. If that does not work, another option is to go to the advanced wireless settings and then set the beacon interval to 50 and the fragmentation threshold to 2304. A possible problem that is evident is that the XBOX adapter is unable to access MIMO networks. This MIMO technology is the one that causes the speed and range boost in the network. Would you be able to inquire with Microsoft if their adapter is able to connect to those types of networks?" - Linksys Technical Support.

    Neither steps fixed the problem.

    I have verified that the WRT54GX2 is listed at www.xbox.com under the connectivity wizard.
  6. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The WRT54GX is the only one to use adaptive channel bonding. The Netgear RangeMax 240 allso uses the same chipset and simular firmware, do you know if the xbox 360 works with that router?
  7. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    On Wednesday, February 15th, I spoke with Linksys technical support and I have been assured that new firmware will be available within the next week. Here's hoping!
  8. tarunmann

    tarunmann Network Guru Member

    xbox 360 lag issues with wrt54gx2

    I can connect to xbox live, but its always laggy

    So. If I directly connect my xbox360 to the cable modem, I get no lag with Fight Night Round 3. When I am going through my linksys wrt54gx2 with srx200 technology, the lag comes back.

    Here's what I've tried with the Router to try and remedy the issue:

    - Upgraded to latest firmware 1.01.14
    - Put in DMZ
    - Enabled port forwarding for xbox live - 3074 tcp/udp and 88 udp
    - Enabled QoS and gave my xbox a HIGH priority (default 1000kbps)
    - Enabled uPnP
    - Checked my xbox network settings and my NAT is Open

    I've read that some peeps have had lag issues with this model, but they were able to resolve by doing some combination of the above. No luck here, just looking for some help. It's annoying to have to keep switching the cbale modem between the xbox and the router.
  9. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    Same problem here

    Same problem here, called Microsoft and three different reps told me to move my xbox closer to my router. Each time I told them that it was terribly inconvenient and that how could that resolve my problems when I can connect to my neighbors network which is 2 houses away.

    Only when I found this site did I confirm that my router was the problem. Amazing I would pick the one router that doesn't seem to work with the 360. Worst part of the problem is that I bought it 2 months ago and can't even return it.

    Microsoft says they will call me back with a resolution and while I'm not holding my breath, I will update the board if I hear. Others please do the same...
  10. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    Just an update, got the latest firmware from tech support at Linksys, but it's still not working....

    Have to call both MS and Linksys back, will update if I get anywhere...
  11. HaloXgamer

    HaloXgamer Network Guru Member

    On the WRT54GX4 router:
    On the setup page under DHCP: is a static DNS section:
    Under static DNS 1: enter your router's gateway:
    [ / or] Works for me.
  12. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member


    No word on the updated driver for the WRT54GX4. Linksys is doing maintenance today. Go figure.

    Regarding the WRT54GX2, the firmware and chipset are very different. The latency issues you are experiencing may be addressed through settings. The issue at hand in this thread is that no matter what we try we can't even connect to the router. Once connected, via CAT5 for example or the legacy XBOX adapter, the router has no difficulty connecting to Live without lag issues.

    More to come...I hope.
  13. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    they dont have kaid. which allows the xbox to open ports and stuff without many problems. i had to turn it on and that is how i got my wrt54g to work. now there probably will never be support for it on that model. i really dont know but its a start in the right direction.
  14. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    What other settings do you have set up? This doesn't work for me at all...

    As an update, spent all night on the phone with MS and Linksys, my only reward was a headache. The state of both of their technical supports is just pathetic.

    Don't know what to do from here, the weird thing is that the connection is fine wired...
  15. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    gd08701 brings up an excellent point. For some reason, I can't get it through to the technical folks that it's not a matter of router to XBOX live connectivity. Wire connections, as well as the CAT5 XBOX adapter, work without issue. Very frustrating. Still no sign of a firmware update.
  16. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The original XBOX wireless adapter has been reported to be able to connect to the WRT54GX4, so it is a problem with the two units used together.
  17. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    I have the 1.00.12 and it doesn't work either.

    I emailed them a bunch a times and told them I going to continue to do so until they acknowledge that there is a problem and give me an ETA on a fix. I'm tired of them insisting that it can't be the router, it has to be your ISP, Xbox live or the wireless adaptor...
  18. gecko_OO7

    gecko_OO7 Network Guru Member

    Do you get an error code on XBOX360 or any errors in the linksys logs?
  19. HaloXgamer

    HaloXgamer Network Guru Member

    My Xbox360 is hardwired to the WRT54GX4 router, and my windows media center pc is utilizing the matching SRX400 adapter wirelessly. The transfer of HD video across the network is amazing, no lag or any hiccups. I ran the performance testing on media center and the signal is maxed on the HD side. Totally amazing router.
  20. kennechiwa87

    kennechiwa87 Network Guru Member

    wow, i thought i was the only one who spent like 5 hours on the phone trying to get this router to connect wirelessly to xbox live.

    But i ended up making it wired, and it worked... so that doesnt really concern me.

    But i lag on xbox and on my computer when playing games... any ideas? i really dont want to spend hours on the phone again.
  21. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    Generic Xbox error code, they haven't ben able to help with it. I haven't turned on logging on the router, I'll try that. Amazingly, none of the five people I spoke to at Linksys tech support suggested that...
  22. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    I have two problems with that, 1) my xbobx is in the living room and the router is in the bedroom upstairs. I had to buy a 50 foot cable and run it every time I want to play. 2) I paid 100 dollar for the xbox wireless adapter and can't return now..
  23. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    Well, just as verification, I have tried the 1.00.12 patch and it does not resolve any issues. I've waited on hold for an hour twice now without someone answering the phone at linksys. All in all, I'm very disappointed. I'll keep everyone posted.
  24. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    Yes me too, new firmware does nothing. I've given up for a bit. Linksys tech support gets a gold star for incompetence. Unbelievably bad.

    I wish I could return this router but it's too late. I'll never by a linkys product again...
  25. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    Well, after several days of trying, I did speak with someone at Linksys Customer Service. There is no documented or known solution to this problem. It has been escalated into the labs and I've been assured that someone will contact me when it is fixed. I'll keep you guys posted.
  26. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    Thanks Pope! Please do keep us updated. I'm going to try another members advice tomorrow night and will report back...


    0. Ensure you have firmware 1.00.12.
    1. Turn off router firewall.
    2. Turn on UPNP
    3. Turn on QOS [high priority] to your Xbox mac addy
    4. Port forward 3074 and 88 to your Xbox's address.
    5. Turn off Multicast.
  27. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    gd08701, let me know if you have any luck with that.

    Just a couple of comments. I've tried the upnp, and quos, and multicast. No luck.

    Also, the port forwarding, as I understand it, would only address issues occuring after you connect the device. I had a 2wire that wouldn't port forward correctly and these settings enabled ONE xbox to connect. Since I have two, it wasn't much of a fix. I ended up placing my 2wire in bridge mode and used my old WRT54G as the router and connect via PPoE.

    The funny thing is the old CAT5 based XBOX adapter works like a champ with the 360 and the WRT54GX4. Too bad I sold mine and bought the new one. :(
  28. gecko_OO7

    gecko_OO7 Network Guru Member

    Where did you get the patch?
  29. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member


    If you contact Technical support via chat they will e-mail it to you.
  30. Chuck_IV

    Chuck_IV Network Guru Member

    FYI, there is newer firmware they have sent some people, version 1.00.13. I don't know if it fixes anything new tho.
  31. asocii

    asocii Network Guru Member

    If I am not mistaken... I believe the original xbox adapter is 802.11b only... the 360 adapter is 802.11a/b/g.... the 360 adapter supports all three protocols... at this point it sounds like a adapter issue for the 360... possibly a negotiating issue or something... I would pound microsoft support about this and not linksys.
  32. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    I think the issue is that this seems to be the only or one of the few routers it doesn't work with. I can connect to the my neighbors G router no problem...
  33. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    Mixed signals from support. As I posted earlier, Linksys Customer service pass my request into development.

    I did receive this via e-mail support regarding my original request:

    "Thank you for contacting Linksys Technical Support.

    We apologize for the incorrect information given by the previous tech. There are currently no specific time tables on when a new firmware that will help support XBOX 360 will come out. You may click on the link below for XBOX suggested compatible routers.


    For more information on our products, please visit http://www.linksys.com/kb

    Please feel free to send us an E-mail at support@linksys.com for any questions or suggestions that you may want us to know.

    Thank you and have a nice day."
  34. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    Great! No timetable? I guess it's good that they are atleast acknowleding the problem though now..
  35. gecko_OO7

    gecko_OO7 Network Guru Member

    So, what do we do now? It's too late to return.
  36. ramnam

    ramnam Network Guru Member

    new beta 1.00.15 is available from Linksys for the WRT54GX4. This solves the firewall-VOIP DOS issue, plus the clock (EST 2 hrs ahead) and DDNS custom setting problem I experienced. I worked with a very helpful guy at Linksys (yes, read that again!) and he interfaced with the engineering group to troubleshoot the firewall VOIP "choppy audio" DOS issue. Good service, but why, oh why did it take them until the middle of March '06 to acknowledge and troubleshoot this router?
  37. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    I've checked many resources, like chatsupport and tech support and even the ftp site. There is NO beta called 1.00.13 or 1.00.15 for that matter for the SRX400. 1.00.13 is the source code version. Can someone enlighten?
  38. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The firmware beta 1.00.13 was sent to people who had VOIP problems on the WRT5GX4 and who contacted Linksys technical support. I am assuming 1.00.15 was a version, whom still had the problem after getting 1.00.13.
  39. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

  40. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    I spoke with Linksys techincal support and was told that the only beta firmware available at this point is the WRT54GX4 1.00.12. It has been clearly documented above that this doesn't resolve the issue.

  41. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    bump....Anyone gotten anywhere with this one?
  42. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    Early testing shows that the new 1.0.15 firmware does not resolve the issue.
  43. NJRonbo

    NJRonbo LI Guru Member


    This won't help the situation, but...

    I'm having issues with my WRT54GX4 connecting to
    a new dual-core wireless laptop.

    I either can't connect, or when I can, all my wireless
    devices (including 2 other laptops and a wired desktop)
    get thrown off the network.

    From what I have read from other laptop owners who
    have a INTEL 3945ABG card installed, there is a compatabilty
    problem with Linksys routers.
  44. asocii

    asocii Network Guru Member


    I updated my firmware with 1.0.015 and still have the same problem but the lag is not that bad as it used to be. However, I did find that the firewall is still dropping packets from my 360 according to the DoS log. I will try disabling the firewall to see if it fixes the small lag but that is something I really do not want to have to leave off. I will post with the results.
  45. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    Re: firmware

    So your 360 works with Did it work with any of the earlier versions? Do you have the standard 360 wireless adapter? Most people here can't connect at all rather then the lag you report....
  46. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    Ok, does anyone know if 1.0.17 fixes the issues...
  47. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    I have installed the new firmware (.17) and seen no improvement.
  48. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    Great. Weren't you the guy who reported the issue and was told there would be a resolution soon?
  49. Henrick

    Henrick LI Guru Member

    I really thought .17 would resolve this issue. We can only hope..
  50. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    Yeah, so much for the promise from customer service. Maybe I misunderstood him. His English was horrible!
  51. Henrick

    Henrick LI Guru Member

    I contacted Linksys support about this issue. This was the first response back:

    As of this writing, we do not have any documented case that the Linksys WRT54GX4 is not compatible with Xbox. All Linksys device are compatible with any gaming console. Just make sure that all settings and especially the wireless settings should match with the Xbox. In this way, the 2 devices will be able to see each other and to have connection. If you will take a look on the release notes of the firmware of the router, you will be able to find actually a certain firmware version that has a fix for Xbox voice connectivity. So, therefore this model number is really working with Xbox. Another tip as well, make sure that your Xbox works without the router for isolation purposes

    I responded with everything I had tried, comments about other people having the same issues, and said that if I connect my older router everything works fine.

    The response I got back:

    Thank you very much for taking time to give us such valuable feedback. Again, we do not have any cetain problems with it for we have other clients that are using the router and the xbox. Anyhow, rest assured that we shall continue to put forth our best efforts in order to meet and exceed your needs and expectations.

    I wonder how someone got this to work, because everywhere I have read this just isnt going to work.

    Anyway, thought I would post this and mini rant. :)
  52. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    wow, just wow...

    I spent hours and hours on the phone, chat and email about this problem. Did you specifically mention the 360?

    I have to say that I'm done with Linksys after this router, the experiance has been terrible. It's not even the problem with the router, it's their refusal to acknowledge it or fix it that kills me...
  53. Henrick

    Henrick LI Guru Member

    Oh yes. I have mentioned several times that this is the Xbox360, not the normal Xbox. :)

    I'm still going back and forth with them. I just want them to admit there is a problem because its better than telling me that have clients that are using it just fine. I have searched and searched and everywhere that mentions that this adaptor its quickly followed by 'It does not work'.

    I have been a huge supporter of Linksys over the years but I think I just may move on after this router. I just dont know what other routers are good really for Wireless and hard wired connections.
  54. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    Well, I had already decided to check for future firmware patches, but to resist the urge to spend any more time on the phone or chat with the folks at Linksys. Now I'm almost tempted to pick up the phone JUST to mention this foolishness.

    I spent another hour or so on the phone with Microsoft. I've sent detailed testing scripts and error codes via e-mail. I also linked them to this discussion and one on their own boards.

    I'll let you guys know as soon as I hear something.
  55. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    Yes, I'll have to get on them again too. They had worn me out to the point of giving up, so much so that I bought a 100 or 150 ft Network cable and everytime I want to play online i run it from my bedroom where the router is to the downstairs where the xbox is.. It's really a great soltutiuon they way it snakes down the stairs, through the hallway and kitchen into the family room...Wife loves it...
  56. Henrick

    Henrick LI Guru Member

    Linksys support has now asked for more information and to quote the response:

    "Since we do not have any documented case concerning the problem that you are having I shall forward your concern to the proper department for them to have it tested further. Kindly, fill up the information below for documentation purposes. "

    This doesnt change anything of course. I think this is a way of ending the 'support request'. :)
  57. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    I got something similar...They stink. I tried to point them to this thread but they said they didn't have internet connections...LOL.
  58. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    BUMP ~ Anyone get a resolution yet?
  59. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    I spoke with Musheer (50086) at Linksys.com today, via Techincal support "Live Chat".

    Musheer (50086): Well Jesse, we will be releasing the firmware for this issue soon shortly.

    Jesse: So, you do have documentation regarding the issue?

    Musheer (50086): Yes Jesse.

    Jesse: That is really good news.

    Musheer (50086):Jesse, we will releasing the firmware for the router soon shortly.
  60. guyland123

    guyland123 Guest

    Okay, so I guess there is no need to try the following workaround that Linksys Tech support just emailed me???

    "A temporary workaround that you can try is to disable the QoS for the wireless connection. "
    "Kindly provide us with your feedback if the workaround worked. We also would like to ask for your contact number so that we may be able to follow-up on this case if needed. "
  61. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    Well, it couldn't hurt to try, but I wouldn't hold your breath. I'm pretty sure I tried that. I have also, per their request, modified setting regarding beacon interval, port forwarding (only valid if you can't get to Live once you are connected to the network), with and without WEP/WPA, fragmentation thresholds, and so on.

    The critical symptom, based on my experience, is that the XBOX can see the network, it can pass security credential (WEP/WAP keys), but it fails on connect.

    Here's a summary I sent to our friends at Microsoft:

    800.4MY.XBOX Reference Number : 1015308292

    Microsoft XBOX 360 Console
    Microsoft XBOX 360 Wireless Network Adapter
    Linksys WRT54GX4 Router *firmware 1.00.17*

    For the past several months I have been troubleshooting connectivity issues between the devices listed above. After spending several hours on the phone with both Microsoft and Linksys Technical support, I have tested the following:

    1. Port Forwarding
    2. Security *Disabled, WEP, WPA*
    3. Beacon Interval & Fragmentation Threshold

    When I attempt to connect, the adapter validates all forms of encryption and shows connected, but when I run the connection test I receive the following:

    Network Adapter USB Wireless
    Wireless Network Not Connected

    Status Code
    W: 0000-0000
    Y: 0000-0000

    From the “Select Wireless Network†screen I see the following
    Connected *Full Bars*

    “Windows Connect Now†produces identical results.

    I have been able to connect through the following configurations:

    CAT5 to the WRT54GX4
    802.11g to older Linksys router models
    Using CAT5 based original Microsoft Wireless Adapter
  62. Lifebleeder

    Lifebleeder LI Guru Member

    So, nobody has gotten any word about a fix yet? I mean, this router works great for my 2 computers, but if I cant hook up my Xbox, it's getting ebayed and I'm buying a D-Link. I'd rather have a slightly slower router that works, then a fast router that sort of works.
  63. GreedyBumps

    GreedyBumps Guest

    I am stuck with the same router!!! Argh... wasted 2 hours of my life trying to get it to work myself until I found this thread.
  64. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    Anyone get this configuration to work? I saw another thread on XBOX forums which said buying a wireless bridge works, but who the heck wants to spend another 100 bucks because Linksys refuses to fix their mess. I'd rather just go buy a new "n" router not made by Linksys...
  65. wimaxed

    wimaxed LI Guru Member

    Bought a cheap router and it works

    well I got no where after spending over 2 worthless hours with Linksys support. I sent them numerous user forums posts about the XBOX 360 problem. They acted as if they never heard of the problem. Their support is horrible, first and second level.

    The local Fry's had their Airlink AR325w Wireless-G 54Mbps Router on sale for $18, so I figured I give it a shot.

    I configured the router for a different 192.168.X.1 network range and set the WEP prior to plugging it into my Linksys. Plugged it into a open port on the WRT54GX4 piece of junk.

    Two minutes later I was up and running with XBOX Live
  66. jed212

    jed212 LI Guru Member

    spent all day with Technical Support

    and while i learned much about the rainy season in India, every since suggestion they gave me did not work.
    1. opening ports
    2. configuring MAC addresses
    3. making new IP addresses

    everything i have gone throu with them like 4 times, and each time its like the guy has never heard that there is an issue with the XBOX 360 wireless adapter. Yes, i understand that these call centers in India are humungous, but WHY ON EARTH hasnt LINKSYS informed their tech group that THERE IS NO FIX AND NEVER WILL BE!!! WHY ISNT IT LISTED AS A MAJOR ISSUE ON THEIR "KNOWLEDGE BASE" CRAP FORUM? WHY DID I HAVE TO FIND IT ON THIS SITE, WHICH I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE 5 MINUTES AGO???

    thank you so much for all the great and funny posts (SINCE FEBRUARY!!!) regarding this issue. i cant believe Linksys is basically ignoring us, this is unreal. i will never buy another router or modem or anything from these jackballs.

    I just found this site after a day of pulling all my hair out. I am now bald and still have no wireless xbox connection. i guess life could be worse, i could be in India during the rainy season.
  67. jed212

    jed212 LI Guru Member

    update - for $60 my life has changed

    Netgear WGT624 version 3 works just fine. no problems at all connecting to xbox360 wireless adapter and it even looks nice, its white and matches my xbox360 and my macbook pro. $60 at circuit city, tomorrow the linksys router goes up on ebay.

    i think the most hilarious, and frustrating, tech support answer was to go to this address:


    not only is it a picture of the original xbox, not the 360, it also doesnt have any function. if you scroll thru the links on the left, they are just snap shots of the xbox screens. useless, absolutely useless.

    oh BTW, has anyone seen the wireless game adapter (for xbox or ps2) that linksys is hawking? its $100 at CCity, about 10 times bigger than the xbox one, has to have its own power supply, and get this - DOES NOT mention its compatibility with the WRT54Gx4...
  68. Poonaka

    Poonaka Guest

    :( I can't believe I bought this router

    :mad: I have the same problems... guess I'll try to return the router while I can and go with dlink instead.
  69. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    Well, I was promised a call from Linksys Technical Support, but I missed it and they haven't bothered calling back.

    Last I heard, the next update is going to fix it. I feel foolish even typing that.

    I'll be sure to post back if I learn anything.
  70. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    Tried the beta 1.00.16 for the SRX400 router? I know that there's a beta 1.01.18 for the SRX200 that is supposed to fix the Xbox 360 issue.
  71. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    Technical support is going to send me the latest beta within the next 24 hrs. I'll post once I've tested through it.
  72. wimaxed

    wimaxed LI Guru Member

    I have already received the 1.00.19 firmware. I have installed it, but I have not had a chance to try it yet. If I get some time I will try it out tonight.
  73. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    WRT54GX4 - 1.00.16 Beta

    Early testing shows that this does not resolve the issue. Big surprise.
  74. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    Not really surprising going by the way Linksys treats the SRX routers..!! :-(
  75. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    1.00.19 ?????
  76. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    1.00.19, you say?

    I was told that the latest versions are 1.00.17 (available for download) & 1.00.16 BETA (sent out via e-mail). Now, why the beta would be an older number than the released firmware, is not entirely clear.

    Please advise when you have a moment.
  77. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member


    So, I once again braved Chat Support.

    Me: Is there a 1.00.19 beta for the WRT54GX4?

    Linksys: Yes.

    Me: Why did you send me 1.00.16 bet yesterday?

    Linksys: Hold please...there is no 1.00.19. 1.00.16 is the latest.

    Me: Okay. So why is the published version a later revision?

    Linksys: Those numbers don't mean anything.

    Me: Okay. Are you aware that this beta doesn't address the problem with the Microsoft Wireless Adapter for XBOX 360 and the WRT54GX4?

    Linksys: Have you tried port forwarding?

    I will spare you the rest. I did ask the guy if he even knew what port forwarding does.

    I'm on the verge of requesting a new unit. I could then sell said unit unopened on eBay and buy the competitor's product.

    He did give me a list of foolish test steps. I'll them one more time, just for grins. Heck, I'm even feeling generous enough to "try port forwarding".
  78. wimaxed

    wimaxed LI Guru Member

    Yes it is 1.00.19 and no I still have not had a chance to try it.

    I laid into their support hard. I used the email because I no longer have patience of chatting with their support in India.

    Attached Files:

  79. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    Well, in that case, pls upload the same so that let every1 try it and get back if that worked atleast.
  80. wimaxed

    wimaxed LI Guru Member

    It Worked!!

    I really had my doubts, but 1.00.19 worked. The Xbox 360 finally went past the IP Address and I was able to connect to XBOX Live. I did not try to play any games online because I do not have time. I was able to browse around the Live Arcade.

  81. wimaxed

    wimaxed LI Guru Member

    Does anyone know if Linksys has a problem with someone posting an unreleased official firmware? I do not want linksysinfo to take a knock from Linksys.
  82. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member


    That is probably a valid concern. I don't know what their policy is.

    I can't believe they sent me 1.00.16 and then told me yesterday that there is no 1.00.19.

    I'll lean on them this morning and see if they will send it over to me.

    If not, I may PM you with my e-mail address.

    Keep your fingers crossed.


  83. lele2707

    lele2707 Network Guru Member

  84. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    More of the same.

    Well, the folks at "Live Chat" told me the same thing again.

    I have sent the following to Linksys via e-mail along with the screenshot you provided.

    To whom it may concern,

    I am looking for the 1.00.19 beta firmware for the WRT54GX4. A friend of mine has received this firmware from your technical support and it has resolved a long standing issue with connecting the XBOX 360 via the Microsoft Wireless Adapter to the WRT54GX4 router.

    I have been told by the Linksys "Live Chat" folks that this firmware does not exist.

    Please advise. After 10 months, and hours of troubleshooting, I would really like to put this problem behind me.

    As an IT manager, I have used Linksys and Cisco products for years. This experience has not be typical. Honestly it has been a bit disappointing. Your competitors have not had this issue and were it not for the cost and the years of experience with your products, I would have given up on this configuration months ago.

    Please expedite this request. The corrected firmware can be sent to blah! or blah!.

    Just so you know, neither the 1.00.16 beta available from the "Live Chat" folks or the 1.00.17 available for download resolve the issue.

    Also, I was actually told that the revision numbers are not significant when I asked why the beta revision was one behind the production firmware. I can't imagine that these numbers are insignificant. In my 14 years of software development and implementation I've never known anyone to go backwards in there numbering scheme. Additional training may be necissary for your personnel.

    Thank you for your attention. I look forward to fully utilizing this hardware.


  85. TheFreakingPope

    TheFreakingPope Network Guru Member

    Success. Believe It!

    At first, it appeared as if the 1.00.19 provided was another bust.

    After reseting my router to factory defaults I was able to reconfigure and connect without any problems.


    I shall miss you all.
  86. wimaxed

    wimaxed LI Guru Member

    .....Wait..... 1.00.19 does not exist... please hold let me check.. the engineers tell me the latest is 1.00.17


    I'm glad it worked for you.
  87. tony68pa

    tony68pa Guest

    Can you please email me 1.00.19

    Congrats on your success!



  88. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    Pope, how did you get it? Can someone post it? This is exciting!!!!
  89. gd08701

    gd08701 Network Guru Member

    I'm getting the same run around, so I'm calling now..
  90. Giffi

    Giffi Network Guru Member

    Would someone please mail me the new ver. 1.00.19
    PLEASE...!! Thanks..!!
  91. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    Yeah..it's there.. the 1.00.19. I can confirm.
  92. Giffi

    Giffi Network Guru Member

    Please... Where is it...?? I can't find it....!!
  93. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    Chat shd give it, they usually are better updated, especially these GX stuffs. BTW, do we hv a copy here?
  94. lamabile

    lamabile Network Guru Member

    I also received v1.00.19 from Linksys support. I upgraded the firmware and restored to factory defaults. But the xbox 360 is not detecting the router. I have even tried entering the ssid and wpa manually with no luck. Was there something special that needs to be configured on top of using the latest firmware?
  95. lamabile

    lamabile Network Guru Member

    Figured it out! Disabled WPA2 in the wireless security settings of the router and all works now.
  96. Lifebleeder

    Lifebleeder LI Guru Member

  97. lamabile

    lamabile Network Guru Member

  98. roverrhubarb

    roverrhubarb LI Guru Member

    1.00.19 is not on the firmware update site yet.
    Can anyone tell me more about it. I don't care about the 360 problem but I do have a lot of issues with having to switch it off and on regularly to get it working properly again (a common problem it seems - some leak in the firmware).

    Can anyone confirm if this is fixed?

    Did anyone get any indication of when it will be uploaded?

    Those that have it, do you have the release notes so we can see what issues were fixed?
  99. kingvj

    kingvj Network Guru Member

    Did you disable the Wireless QoS feature? Set the Adaptive Channel to disable and manually select a channel? And for basic questions, any cordless phones at 2.4Ghz? :)
  100. Parkoon

    Parkoon LI Guru Member

    What is latest Firmware version?
    Is it Version. 1.01.18.(WRT54GX2)?
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