WRT54GX4 Only Allows 14 Wireless Users

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by lakingz, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. lakingz

    lakingz Network Guru Member

    Have a wireless network using a Linksys SRX400 router, firmware updated. Router is connected to T-1 1.5 line. All PC's and laptops are connecting wirelessly, nothing on the wired ports. (Unable to go wired for many reasons) As I was adding PC's, some users began losing connection. The problem did not stay with the same users as each day went by. I tested a therory where I powered down one PC and another PC that was on would find the router and connect. In the DHCP client list shows 14 users connected although a couple of times it did issue more than 14 IP's in one day.

    DHCP is set for 30 users, although I have changed this to 40 and 50 in hopes of fixing. Adjusted preamble, all PC's running WinXPSP2. Almost all PC's have Linksys WMP54GX PCI cards. One using USB and two laptops using internal wireless cards. No file sharing or other connections occuring. Only connected to router for Internet access. Linksys support is not coming up with any solutions. Need about 20 users able to share Internet connection. Any clues as to what's going on and how to solve?
  2. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    is there third party firmware for that box? if so there will be a setting limiting the number of users.
    although there may be a setting on stock firmware
  3. lakingz

    lakingz Network Guru Member

    Only used Linksys firmware, 1.00.10. DHCP can be set up to 253 IP's, so I would assume I could get at least 20 users on at the same time.
  4. marca56

    marca56 Network Guru Member

    Hi all...

    There is a hard limit of 14 associations in the Airgo Gen3 chipset (SRX200, SRX400).

    There is no such limit in the Gen2 (SRX). I don't believe there will be in their next "n" chip.

  5. RoundSparrow

    RoundSparrow Network Guru Member

  6. lakingz

    lakingz Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the info Marc. Do you have a link as to where I could read up on this limitation?
  7. marca56

    marca56 Network Guru Member


    I don't believe there is any chipset information in the public domain from Airgo.

    My opinion is that the limit is not "hard" and can be gotten around with some good programming.

  8. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The chipset is from Airgo. The FCC OET website indicates this on a generic search of the Q97 refix, you can find the WRT54GX4. The Airgo has a SA3 prefix. You have to be able to change and compile the GPL source code, if it is a software limitation.
  9. lakingz

    lakingz Network Guru Member

    OK, my office wants me to try another "cheap solution" before going with the commercial router solution, just need an opinion on this.....

    Going to keep using the current WRT54GX4 router. Bringing in another WRT54GX4 router. I was going to try to "split" the T1 with an auto switch (T1 into switch, from switch one line to each router) and have users log on to whichever router is available and go from there. Each router would have separate SSID's, IP range (DHCP), etc. I was told this would NOT work.

    I was told that I could take the original router, plug port 1 (not the internet port) from the new router to port 1 of the original router and only allow the original router to take care of the DHCP. SSID's, WPA2 passkeys would be the same on each router.

    Which one would or could work so we could get more than 14 users at the same time?
  10. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Well if you use the same SSID and key, you can't control who associates with which one easily. MAC filtering might help you out by keeping separate lists in each one. Or if they are sufficiently physically separated, a newly rebooted client should associate with "closest" one.

    It might be simpler if this is in a confined space, to use separate SSID to split up the clients by force. Use wide channel separation (at least 5). Make sure all non-essential services diabled on the 2nd unit which is now acting as just an AP.

    Seems kind of odd though that many users and apparently funding for a T-1 and all they are willing to fund for network router is a consumer-grade Linksys unit? Gives me an image of using a Mini to tow a mobile-home.
  11. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The WRT54GX4 uses adaptive channel bonding if its is not set to use a single channel, the auto setting. For example if you set it on channel one, it will use channel 5 in an attempt to get two adjacent channels. So set the channel to auto. In addition set the second WRT54GX4 to disable NAT, if you are using it as an access point only. What is the lease time on your DHCP server? If there is a limitation in the firmware, to 14 clients is it a 14 simutaneous connections or 14 DHCP clients? If is a chipset limitation the two access point should work.
  12. lakingz

    lakingz Network Guru Member

    The lease time is 18 hours. The limitations comes with 14 simultaneous connections (it is chipset), so I am trying to squeak out a few more without going to a $700-$1200 router solution.

    I am hoping this will work. Just so I am clear, am I going with a switch then 2 lines out to the routers or the port 1 to port 1 solution with same SSID's, etc.? Thanks greatly for your advice!

    Your imaging is CORRECT Vincent!!! This company I work for just dumped the dialup which only got out at 31.2K due to pair gains! We had to share the damn phone lines! I fought for over 4 years to get a T1. I am impressed that they made the move and then upgraded several PC's to new, but the cheap ways continue. They point at it and say MAKE IT WORK. I have to make it work with almost no budget. As far as the T1 split over so many users, it's mainly so they can access email and lookup parts, nothing with serious bandwidth. Besides 1.5M divided by 18 users is still better than 3 users at 31.2K any day! They are fat and happy for now, so I can relax for a bit after I get this finished.
  13. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    How many DHCP clients are you allowing and how amy users do you have? Eighteen hours is a very long time especially if you have a limited number of leases.
  14. lakingz

    lakingz Network Guru Member

    Allowing 25. Currently have 16 users, not counting 2 laptops. I have people coming in at 5AM and staying until 8PM.
  15. lakingz

    lakingz Network Guru Member

    Just a small update. I got the second router, here's what I have setup on it.

    Auto DHCP, although the DHCP server is disabled on this second router. Local IP is the same ( as the main router, NAT is disabled, Dynamic Routing is disabled, everything else is default. The SSID is different than the original router, but the WPA2 passkey is the same.

    Plugged port 1 from the second router to port 1 on the original router. All users got a new network adapter notice, but all users connected to the original router lost internet connection. They all had a good connection to the original router though, no one disconnected. Anyone logging onto the second router did get internet access. Any clues on how to resolve so all have internet access?
  16. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Well for starters, you have 2 devices on the same LAN with the same IP address.

    Time to review that Network Basics stuff eh?
  17. lakingz

    lakingz Network Guru Member

    Those are the ones you first forget! :doh:
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