WRT54GX4 v1.00.10

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by CitiChaser, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. CitiChaser

    CitiChaser Guest

    Does anyone have this firmware available on hand? The current 1.00.15 version is buggy and causing dropped connections with my WMP54GX. I want to downgrade here to regain a bit of stability
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    I have 1.00.10, 1.00.12, 1.00.13 and 1.00.15. I found if you did a reset to factory defaults before and after the upgrade to 1.00.15 it is stable I will send you 1.00.10.
  3. DragonFist

    DragonFist Guest

    Buggy Indeed


    It seems we have something in common. I just got the WRT54GX4 and all my devices were working fine. I use a WUSB12 and WPC54G connections to it. I use to use a WRT54G before and then upgraded to this. Now it seemed a good idea at the time to upgrade from the 1.00.09 firmware to the latest .15 firmware. But now my WUSB12 device won't work with it. Tried every thing in the book to reconnect, (i.e. changed the RTS and Frag, changed the channels, reset back to factory defaults, uninstalled the WUSB12 from the PC and reinstalled the driver, tinkered with the WUSB12 settings, and nothing. I also have an IPAQ HX4700 and when I activate the wireless to work on it, it connects and then gets disconnected from it.

    Bottom line, would I be able to get the 1.00.10 as well to downgrade from the .15 until Linksys can sort all this out?

    I told Linksys about it and just got the standard Easy Answer links to try out, which I did already before, and still got nothing.

    Thanks in advance

    Pete in Montreal

    UPDATE: I finally got the 802.11b devices working. I found a post that mentioned something about disabling the QoS for 802.11e. I disabled it and resetted the router and now all the 802.11b devices are not dropping anymore. This may shed some light for those guys over at LinkSys engineering that the Firmware might need a little more tweaking. But so far, all devices are responsing perfectly...

    Now I can go get some sleep...
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