WRT54GX4 woes

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by rbug, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. rbug

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    I purchased 2 of these routers to setup a wireless network, but they have both failed! On the one, the power supply failed, frying a network card in the process; and on the other, after applying the firmware upgrade, the router is dead; all it does is switch packets. The performance of these routers was poor when they were operational, the clients would always drop in and out of connections. I purchased a wrt54g a year ago and it has always worked great, so I thought that the srx400 technology would work great too, since it was from linksys. :x
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    If you are using non-SRX wireless NICs, disable adaptive channel expansion. Did you reset the router to factory defaults before and after upgrading the firmware from a wired connection?
  3. This router has been a nightmare.

    I did a live chat just a little while ago and got someone in India and told them about all the connection drops, wireless drops, xbox 360 incompatibility, and all the other firmware problems. They said there is no beta firmware yet newer than 1.00.15.

    I recently upgraded to 1.00.15 and had nothing but trouble. All throughout the house wireless computers have been dropping, SRX-G, G, and B cards don't stay connected for a full day. IP address conflicts and other problems.

    So the tech said after you upgrade to 1.00.15 you have to perform a hard reset on the router to fix the connection problems and other buggy issues.
    (read below before you reset the router)

    Here is what the tech typed to me:

    HARD RESET ::Make sure that you hold the reset button for 30 sec
    with power supply plugged into router,next 30 sec without power
    plugged into router and last 30sec again with power supply plugged
    into router.

    NOTE: This wipes out all data on the router, you'll either have to reprogram it manually or before you do a hard reset, connect to the router. Click the Administration tab, then Config Management, Click Backup. Save the user.conf file to your desktop. Then perform the hard reset. Then go back to Config Management and Restore using the user.conf file.

    Now, I just did this not too long ago, but so far things are working very well, fast speeds. So I will see if this works for more than a day and let you know. I highly doubt the XBOX 360 now works. I'm thinking of ebaying this router and getting the new WRT300N, which its firmware is open source so maybe problems like this don't exist.
  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The source is open sourced for WRT54GX4 also and it has been out for a while. But not any firmware developer has stepped up to the plate and done anything for it. The XBox 360 problem may be the adapter problem. The old XBox adapter works with the WRT54GX4. As for the WRT300N, it is too new, I would wait for a version based on the the final IEEE 802,11N standard or wait until it has been out for a while. You can sell the WT54GX4 on Ebay now and get the best price, since its price will probabily drop in the near future.
  5. drtweak

    drtweak Guest

    dontbotherme the master reset should fix things for you, I setup a lot of wireless networks for clients and this is the only router I will use, and I have tried them all. I have yet to see any issues with this router, especially with the latest firmware and a hard reset.

  6. rbug

    rbug LI Guru Member

    Tech. Support Failing

    After talking to the tech. support rep. for about a half an hour, she finally agreed to return the merchandise (the srx400 router) and replace it with a new unit. She gave me a case number, which doesn't work at the linksys websites' rma entry form webpage. Are these people for real? I am very dissatisfied with linksys, and I will never buy any of their products again. :x
  7. As I figured, the Master Reset didn't fix anything. Still the Wireless drops.

    BTW the XBOX 360 wireless adapter isn't compatible with this router and neither is the Nintendo DS handheld. The ethernet connection works fine. However gets interrupted by sudden restarts.

    I read some reviews on the WRT300N and it hasn't been highly rated, but only due to 802.11n speeds. I suppose I'll wait for a third party firmware or until Linksys gets their act together and gets a firmware that operates this router as advertised.

    For now, i'm going to downgrade to either 1.00.13 or 1.00.10, which were more stable than 1.00.15, but still buggy.

    And, you're right about the open sourced comment, sorry about that.
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