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  1. Chuck_IV

    Chuck_IV Network Guru Member

    Just wondering of the people who have one, what issues have you run across? I just picked one up last night. The only issue I have had so far is, just as the GX2, my Vonage was a MESS until I turn the firewall(SPI) OFF. However once I did that, it has been smooth sailing so far. I even tried playing World of Warcraft(ran thru a packed Orgimmar on a full server) while my wife was talking to her mom on the vonage. I didn't have any lag and my wife said the phone was perfectly fine during her call.

    The wireless signal is phenomenal on this thing too. My WRT54GS wouldn't reach upstairs to the opposite end of my house(tried WDS with another GS but couldn't find a good place to put the 2nd GS), so I tried a Netgear WPN824 Rangemax(not the 240). It did a "better" job at the signal. In the far end of my house, instead of the 20's% on my WRT54GS, I was getting 50-60 with their corresponding card, but the lan speed would bounce all over the place from 24 to 108 :eek: and wouldn't stay steady. Now tho, with the WRT54GX4 I'm getting a signal in the 90's, with a steady lock of 108(was using only a GX card, but will be getting the GX4 card today) on lan speed. I was amazed.

    Anyway. besides the Firewall(SPI) issue, this seems like a great router.
  2. lejg

    lejg Network Guru Member

    GX4 SOESN't Work with VOIP!

    The problem is not just with Vonage - also with SIPPhone and Skype - Regular Periodic voice drop outs - I have updated to the latest firmware - and have tried using the QoS features specifically for Voice Devices and Skype - Nothing works - and running without a Firewall -- won't do that - So I can't tell you if that works... What DOES work is my old WRT54G

    Looks like Linksys must go back to the drawing boards on this one - anybody using any kind of Voice over IP should not buy any of the GX series until this has been flushed out - they will be disappointed! :shock: :eek:
  3. Chuck_IV

    Chuck_IV Network Guru Member

    Re: GX4 SOESN't Work with VOIP!

    Why? All you are turning off is SPI(that's all their firewall is) The inherent security of NAT in itself will protect you well enough with SPI off(at least until Linksys gets this straightened out). Here's a thread about it at broadbandreports.com... http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,15186319

    I'm not so sure it's really Linksys that is the problem here. I know the guy at Broadbandreports.com keeps saying it's poor platform implementation, but considering Linksys's WRT54GX4, Netgear's WPNT834 and Belkin's equivolent of the SRX200 ALL have the EXACT same issue, I believe it's something with Airgo and their reference driver because I highly doubt Linksys, Netgear and Belkin all use the same firmware developer.
  4. dryheat

    dryheat Network Guru Member

    My WRT54GX4 has great range and I also install the SRX400 PCMCIA card in my laptop. The wireless download speed is equal to or better than the hardwired download speed. Both are over 7000kbps. My biggest issue was the horrible performance when I connected with my Nortel VPN client. Download speed with the VPN was around 25kbps. I think I fianlly have it working after disable the router's firewall, now VPN download is around 2500kbps. It needs to run for awhile with no problems before I will be satisfied.

    I am running 1.00.10 firmware but I have seen messages that indicate a beta version has been sent out to some customers.

    The Linksys tech support system is not very good in my honest opinion.
  5. IssaFram

    IssaFram Network Guru Member

    Router thinks it is a DoS attack

    if you ever experience problems with the SRX routers when it comes to game lag or VOIP applications dropping it is because the router thinks that they are DoS attacking. Just check the logs. The router starts blocking all the packets. Disable the firewall and the anti DoS feature disables with it
  6. kennechiwa87

    kennechiwa87 Network Guru Member

    Re: Router thinks it is a DoS attack

    Can you put that in like non computer language? I have a WRT54GX4 and it lags while gaming, and i'm assuming that might be my problem?
  7. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    He is saying the the firewall sees the traffic from games or telephone over the internet as a denial of service (DOS) attack. The router misintreprets the traffic and shuts it down.
  8. lump27

    lump27 Network Guru Member

    I got the SXR400 card and yes, it is very very fast, however, it runs extremely hot! so hot that I dont keep it in my Inspiron 9300 lappy all the time, the thing is got enough heat in it already (modded it to take a Nvidia 7800 GTX video card). I use it if Im planning large file transfers or if Im outside in my yard at farthest spot from router, for all other usage around my house the built in G card works just fine. ANother issue with the SRX400 card and I know wont be a problem for most, is that if you use GuitarPort, the card causes an intermitent interruption in the souond output, making impossible to play your guitar. But like I said,that last one only for GuitarPort users.
    Other than that, yes, awesome speed and reach.
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