WRT54h problem

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by darki, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. darki

    darki Network Guru Member

    im will get crazey!
    Mainrouter: Dlink DSL G664T
    2 Pc
    Internet over Lan
    works great!(over month)

    Now i will connect with xbox or dbox(sat receiver) never mind,over WRT54G
    in client modus with sveasoft (Alch. 1 Final).
    So i switch in dlink the AP wireless on.No Mac filter, and no wep or something else.
    In wrt54g the same.Both the same SSID.I saw in survey modus(WRT54g) my dlink router with correct SSID and Mac, and good connection!
    But the problem is , i cant connect wireless with my PC with WRT54g or with the connected client on this !With cable (Lan) no problem!Please help or give me some soloutions!
    Forgive my bad englisch, please !
    darki :D

    For weeks ago a have the same network with dlink accesspoint , no problems!I think the problem is that the wrt54g is not only a accesspoint as the dlink 2100+.And i must configre anything else! :?: :?:
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