WRT55AG v2 not getting IP address from cable modem

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by AmyF, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. AmyF

    AmyF Network Guru Member

    This started happening about 3 weeks ago. If I disconnect the router and hook the modem straight to a PC, everything is fine. Linksys had RMA'ed the router once, and OptimumOnline has replaced the modem, but the problem persists. The only way I was able to establish a connection was to connect the modem to the PC, write down all the information from IPCONFIG /ALL and then enter it into the router (using static IP instead of DHCP). This is not an acceptable resolution, so I was wondering if anyone was having a similar problem, or had a possible solution. Linksys has already sent me supposedly new firmware (but it still shows up as v 1.10 after loading).
  2. BillD

    BillD Guest

    Had the exact same problem

    Had the same problem with WRT55AG v2 and Optonline. Started 2 weeks ago, after working fine for 3 months. Router was pulling a bogus IP from the modem. After much testing, re-configuring, upgrading to latest beta firmware (1.50), etc, Linksys RMA'd a new WRT55AG v2. Same problem. Optimum swore no network changes were made, and my Modem looked fine (I also could get a valid IP with modem connected directly to PC). On subsequent call to Linksys they confessed to known sporadic problems with WRT55AG v2 and Optonline. They offered to RMA a WRT54G V3. At this point I was willing to take the risk, and went to local CompUsa and spent $50 for a WRT54G V3. All is well now. :clap: I'd sure like to know, though, what Optonline changed to render the router suddenly useless.
  3. AmyF

    AmyF Network Guru Member

    When I called last Wednesday, Linksys told me the same thing. They didn't offer to RMA a different model. They asked if I could help them do diagnostics (a packet trace) and said they would get back to me. I guess I'll have to call them again tomorrow and see where it goes. At this point, I'd take another router, but I would like to keep the A mode since I have a 2.4G cordless phone that causes problems in BG mode.
  4. CobraLink

    CobraLink Guest

    WRT55AG SLow on all admin function

    Hi. first time post.
    I just bought a WRT55AG V2 firmware 1.2 (replaced a 2Wire) and have 2 problems:
    1. Slow (2-5 mins - yes really) response to all admin functions to the Linksys (
    2. Decreased download speed by 27% (did many before and after, threw out the slowest and averaged)

    On #1, called tech support got through to Level 2 and she gave me only could get me to download the old 1.1. No help - still agonizingly slow. Now I have a ref number and a recommendation to have Fry's replace it.

    Any recommendations? # 1 related to #2 or are all routers slow?
  5. AmyF

    AmyF Network Guru Member

    I called Linksys again today and after level 1 trying to help me configure the router (which I wouldn't go through again), they agreed to RMA it and replace it with the WRT54G because they couldn't give me an estimate of how long it would take to get the new firmware. I feel kind of ripped off because the replacement router is almost half the price of the original. I'll never buy Linksys again.
  6. GuitarGeek3000

    GuitarGeek3000 Network Guru Member

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