WRT55AG V2 Router Probs Locking UP

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dem0nk1d, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. dem0nk1d

    dem0nk1d Network Guru Member

    WRT55AG V2 router, I am having issues with the router locking up. The problem happens, usually when i am not around of course. I will come back to my workstation on my LAN. The connection will be connected to the LAN, all computers can talk to each other, but not out to the WAN(internet). i try to ping the router and no ping back. WTF... The only way to fix the problem, is disconnecting the power for the router. Then plugging the power back into the router. The lan connection rests and wan works...

    what could be this issue? also firmware is 1.10 latest from linksys... called tec support, and they knew nothing about this prob.
  2. DennisO

    DennisO Network Guru Member

    I have exactly the same problem.. I have a wrt55ag v2 with 1.10 Firmware. I use Comcast.
    It seems to happen around once a week. The computer says I have a good connection but I can not log on the router. I called Linksys many times.. They had me reflash the router.
    The Rest button does not even work. The only solution is to reboot the router.

    This is not to bad for me but if I am not around it will be a problem for my family..

    Linksys says that they have not heard of this problem.. Obviously they have ...

    I am really getting upset.. :(
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