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    Ok, So i have another router proble...
    I found my old WRT55AG that I put away because I had problems with it. After about a year I needed a wireless access point and figured maybe I can disable the Gateway routing mode and just turn this router into a plain old access point. So I boot it up change the Gateway to something other than so it wont conflicht with my wrt300n or my wrt54gs routers that are both on my network. anyway, I boot it up and I ran into a sh*t load of problems. Excuse my language. #1 when hard wired to my PC it only aquires an IP and works HALF the time. And the Wireless transmitters both A and B/G freeze. The LED lights will turn on for about 5 seconds then turn off. and I search for local wireless networks on my PC and NOTHING. so i go into the settings after finally getting an establish connection between the PC and the Router. Both the A and B/G transmitting modes were enabled...yet NO LEDs, NO signal AT ALL. made sure the SSID WAS transmitting for testing...same reset the router saved the new settings stil lthe same problem. So finally I did a firmware update. It already had the latest firmware but i figured maybe last time i did a firmware update about a year ago it messed it up. Anyway install the new firmware, 1.02 (its a version 1 router). Hard Reset it, adjusted all my wireless settings, once again. and Nada...Nothing. Same problem no wireless transmission. Is my router unfixable Or am I just doing something seriously wrong...even though I have been working with linksys routers for years?
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