WRT56G v6 Bricked

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jhaynes, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. jhaynes

    jhaynes LI Guru Member

    I've got a WRT54g v6 router that I put OpenWRT on and successfully bricked my router. I have a JTAG cable, connected it. I can see the router:

    C:\brick>wrt54g -probeonly /noemw

    WRT54G/GS EJTAG Debrick Utility v4.8

    Probing bus ... Done

    Instruction Length set to 8

    CPU Chip ID: 00000101001101010010000101111111 (0535217F)
    *** Found a Broadcom BCM5352 Rev 1 CPU chip ***

    - EJTAG IMPCODE ....... : 00000000100000000000100100000100 (00800904)
    - EJTAG Version ....... : 1 or 2.0
    - EJTAG DMA Support ... : Yes

    Issuing Processor / Peripheral Reset ... Done
    Enabling Memory Writes ... Skipped
    Halting Processor ... <Processor Entered Debug Mode!> ... Done
    Clearing Watchdog ... Done

    Probing Flash at (Flash Window: 0x1fc00000) ... Done

    Flash Vendor ID: 00000000000000000000000011101100 (000000EC)
    Flash Device ID: 00000000000000000010001001110111 (00002277)
    *** Found a K8D1716UBC 1Mx16 BotB (2MB) Flash Chip ***

    - Flash Chip Window Start .... : 1fc00000
    - Flash Chip Window Length ... : 00200000
    - Selected Area Start ........ : 00000000
    - Selected Area Length ....... : 00000000


    I've tried to erase nvram, flash nvram...all I get is a power light blinking, and all the LAN ports light up. I downloaded the latest linksys firmware and renamed it to nvram.bin (FYI).

    I could just burn it and get another one, but I'm doing this to give to a friend of mine who can't afford to get a router.

    Any help would be very much appreciated

  2. jhaynes

    jhaynes LI Guru Member

    ok after more reading I think I've really pooched this thing. Not quite understand what I was doing...I erased the cfe and wholeflash...don't suppose anyone would have a linksys v6 cfe.bin and wholeflash.bin?

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