Wrt56gs v6. Help xbox live and pc keeps dissonecting and internet going slow

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Oo_ben_oO, Nov 12, 2008.

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    Hi guys i hope your able to help me i have a WRT56GS v6 with all the latest firmware and its running on a vista pc but no drivers installed like the cd as it doesnt seem to run. Anyway lately ive been getting serious problems with my internet. Im on the xbox 360 and when a laptop is turned on to connect to internet or i turn my main pc on while on xbox live i get disconnected and its the same if im on pc or laptop 1st then get on xbox and it disconnects then. I have had my routers ports foward for the xbox live . e.g 88 to 88 and 3040 to 3040 ive ticked on Block Anonymous Internet Requests and Filter Multicast and Filter IDENT(Port 113). i have my MTU on 1365. i have set up and static ip address for my xbox 360. but all im getting is either bad lagg and then dissconects at times.

    When i have pc turned on and i connect to xbox live on 360 my pc detects that another pc or device is on the same network and conflicting ip address. I did hear that im ment to have separate ip addresses for my pc(vista) and laptop(xp) so it wont conflict causing it to do this but im not really of a nerd to fiddle with the settings in the router settings online or mess around with my pcs network.

    Its been really bugging me today ive even had mega slow loading up for internet im on virgin media if any of this info helps. Please can someone help me step by step on how to do this. P.S i did once install the cd driver given on my laptop as the one day my pc went down and i wanted the internet. After i got a new pc i just plugged the router in and it was working ok. Does that make any differnce not having driver set up on my pc. PLEASE PLEASE help me fokes Thanks in advanced

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