WRT600N AP with WRT54G Bridge for Home Theater

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sippnonacorona, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. sippnonacorona

    sippnonacorona LI Guru Member

    I have searched and read many entries on the forum and am still stymied.

    I am wondering if I can use my WRT54G v2 as a wireless bridge connecting to my WRT600N router?

    I want the WRT54G to be as invisible as possible.
    I don't want it to NAT.
    I don't want it to DHCP.
    I want blind passthru for all traffic from devices attached to the physical WRT54G ports over the wireless connection back to the WRT600N.
    I want my WRT600N to act as the DHCP server for the house, including the devices connected to the WRT54G.
    I want to use WPA2 as my security (not WEP).

    My WRT600N is next to my DSL modem and voip adapter.
    My home entertainment center with my HDTV, DirectTV DVR, Blue-ray, etc is in another room.
    My DVR and Blue-ray disc player both have ethernet connections (not usb). When plugged in, they will use the network to automatically keep their firmware updated and in the case of the DVR, it will enable streaming both HD and regular movie Video On Demand over the broadband connection to the harddrive for later viewing.

    How can I hook up my living room devices wirelessly to my WRT600N router? They don't have USB ports that let me plug in small wireless adapters. I'm thinking I can use my old WRT54G to connect everything but I can't figure out how to make it work as a simple bridge like I need it to. Do I need to flash something like 3rd party frimware, such as Tomato, into it?

    Please be kind on how you answer. I don't know the networking lingo or shorthand. I figured out the AP = Access Point, but some of the other lingo I don't know. Use long words please.


    P.S. I see there is a Wireless-N Gaming Adapter. Does anyone know if this will work? My satellite DVR can also act as a Media Server and I need to make sure the bridge can pass all ports and protocols without interference. I don't know if a Gaming Adapter (for x-box, psp, etc.) does this.
  2. sippnonacorona

    sippnonacorona LI Guru Member

    I wanted to report back that after initial frustration with Tomato firmware not doing what I needed, I had success. I loaded the latest version (Tomato_1_16) and it was smooth sailing from there.

    My internet aware home theater components plug into a Linksys workgroup switch EXS88W v3. The WRT54G v2, reprogrammed to be an ethernet bridge using Tomato firmware plugs into the WAN port. It then wirelessly connects to my WRT600N on the G 2.4 band. So far, everything seems to work.

    My HD DVR did slow down in downloading Video On Demand content, but it's still acceptable. My Blu-Ray player sensed a firmware update and updated itself with no problem.

    I'm happy, life is good :)
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