WRT600n Speed Degradation

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Jammer, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Jammer

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    Hello – I have Optimum (Cablevision) as my ISP. They have provided me with a Cisco 2203C cable modem. From the modem, I am connected to my Linksys WRT600N router and from the router to my HP computers and my Linksys Media Hub (used for shared external storage). The problem that I have been living with for a while is that my Internet speed (as determined by Speakeasy) gradually degrades over time (matter of days) from over 20 Mbps (download speed) to less than 3 Mbps. The upload speed apparently does not change (stays about 2 Mbps). The only way I can recover the speed is to do a "release" then "renew" the router's IP address. This brings the speed back to 20 Mbps, but only for a day or two, before gradually dropping to 2-3 Mbps. I have been doing this every few days for a long time, but I am hoping that there is an easier solution to my problem.
  2. mito

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    Hi, need to know which firm you have on 600N. If Linksys firm, it is a crappy one, should switch to dd-wrt. I have it loaded with dd-wrt14853 NEWD-2 firm, and has great signal and speed. I googled and asked Victek cause i wanted a Tomato firm but it seems impossible to get it.
    I have this router at my office, and i think it is still one of the best ones, it has 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz with two strong radios, i think it was one of the first with them, since years ago.

    PS. before switching to DD-WRT firm please read the "Note 4" item at DD-WRT 's Peacock Thread.

    Edit: could be a little off topic, you can check at DD-WRT forum too.
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