WRT610N and WallWatcher

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Rainey, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Rainey

    Rainey Network Guru Member

    Is anybody else using these two item together and how is it working/setup.

    I had the Linksys logger, Logviewer.exe running with my old linksys BEFSR41 and it was working good. Then i replaced my router with this new one WRT610N and the Logviewer did not work.

    So i looked hi and lo at linkesys site for a new version of logviewer and final found it at there FTP site. I upgraded from version 3.0 to 3.3 but it still did not work any more.

    So then i found Wall Watcher. I loaded it and set it to WRT600N but that did not work, so i auto selected and the VR/WRV works but i get multi cast entries and not sure if this is the best choice for the router.

    Any suggestions
  2. hurleyp

    hurleyp Network Guru Member

    I've been trying some of the various router options in Wallwatcher with my WRT610N, and the "HyperWRT" seems to be working well (so far). I still get plenty of router messages that are mostly noise IMO - you've probably seem them too. I setting some Wallwatcher filters to hide them.
  3. Rainey

    Rainey Network Guru Member

    Ya it seems that IPtables as the router typt works very good, and yes some filtering is required to remove the moise as you called it.

    Now if the DDNS client in the router would just some how have a keep alive setting so i don't have to remember to go to that site every month to login to keep my account with them active.

    My old router did not have a client so i ran a software client and it updated if it need to or not every X number of days.
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