wrt610n does not show content usb drive

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by elvis_prez, Jan 27, 2010.

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    I'm using the wrt610n in combination with an usb diskdrive, at least that is what I want.
    problem is, is that the wrt610n does see the drive connected and shows its capacity, but it does not give me the possibility to make a share. Instead it assumes that the disk capacity is stil free, even though there is data present. So, it's not showing the disk's content, and does not show its filesystem.
    The strange thing is, if I take an old usb-stick (128mb) there's no problem at all, I can easily make a share and play its files by the upnp function.

    I've tried different kind of things, using fat32 and ntfs, I even had a firmware upgrade to v2 even though I have hardware version 1, the v2 version is still running well, besides the afore mentioned problem.
    I've been using WD drives in all cases, external drives (80 and 160GB) and passports 160 & 320GB.

    Only the usb stick of 128MB seems to work sofar........

    thanks, Robert
  2. cnrausch

    cnrausch Guest

    I had the same problem. Shut down your USB drive, use on/off switch if equiped. Disconnect the drive from the router. Unplug the router,wait 60 seconds and repower. Wait till all lights are steady9 except internent and wired ports. reconnect the USB drive and turn it on. Your partitions should show up and you can create shares. This is the only way I can see mine. I only have trouble with my WD drive. My simple drive always shows up.
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