WRT610N Storage?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by PaulProe, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. PaulProe

    PaulProe Guest

    I purchased the 610n for three reasons. Gigabyte wired, N Wireless and USB storage. I hit on two of the three.

    I've searched all over the linksys site trying to get the storage to work as it should with my Seagate 1Terabyte disk. No avail. I can get the unit to recognize it and finally show up on my network. But to be able to use it for backup storage, I am still struggling.

    I tried the DD-WRT firmware. Nice package but the storage still hasn't been made user friendly. Maybe the linux guys find it useful but us Windows people are kind of left in the dust

    Is there a link anywhere that deMystifies this feature? Does it even work or is it just a wetdream of Linksys marketing?


  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Some of the OS's have backup features, if you wanted automated backups you would have to have some software solutions.
  3. PaulM-D

    PaulM-D Network Guru Member

    How to setup for Backup

    I use it with several computers on my network backing up to it using Norton 360. There is some setup required though. But nothing too difficult. Of course, you've changed your firmware so not sure my instructions will help you now!

    1) Log into your setup.
    2) Click on the Storage tab.
    3) Down near the bottom where it says Format Disk, make sure your disk is identified. If it is select the check box and then click on Format Disk.
    4) When the disk has finished formatting, click on Create Share.
    5) Type in a name for a New Folder name and click on Create. The new folder name will now appear on the list. NOTE: Create as many as you need. I have one for eeach computer that is being backed up.
    6) Now you need to set up access to the folders. Do this sequence one folder at a time. Click on the Select button next to the folder you wish to set up access for.
    7) Now assign privs by selecting admin(r & w) and click on the right arrow (>>) to move it to the Groups with Access column.
    8) Now go up to the top and enter a unique name - I just use the name of the folder. Then click Save Settings.
    9) Almost done. Now you might want to add the username of your computer by clicking on the Administration tab under Storage, and Create a New User. This would be added under the admin and guest users. You should assign yourself admin privs.
    10) Okay, now save changes and exit out of the setup.
    11) Add this to your system startup in the form of a .bat file:

    net use z: \\\foldername password /user:computername\username

    This just sets up the drive as Z: and allows you to backup to the specific folder for that computer.

    For example, let's say you set up the folder as MyBackup in step 5, and you named it MyBackup in step 8. And let's say your computer is named MyPC and your account name on it is MyAccount. So the string would look like this:

    net use z: \\\MyBackup password /user:MyPC\MyAccount

    Make sense so far?

    Now you can backup to Drive Z:

  4. tailwalker

    tailwalker Guest

    What about if you can't get the 610n to even recognize that there is a usb drive attached ? I'm trying to make it work with a Tosiba 1tb .
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