WRT610N v2 Web Interface unreachable

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by AlterEgo, Apr 6, 2012.

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    Hi All,

    I have a WRT610n v2 on which I flashed Dd-wrt mini and then ultimately shibby 2.6 big VPN firmware onto it. It is connected to the internet via a DSL modem in bridge mode.

    Have done all the settings according to my requirements, also attached a 4GB USB Flash Drive (ext2) and have enabled all types of logging to be saved on the external USB Flash.

    Just noticed that if it is kept running for a day or more continiusly then the web interface on the router standard IP address ( becomes unavailable and never opens.

    The only way the get web access to the router interface is to soft boot or cold boot it by recycling the power. The router retains all the settings and configuration and starts working normally again.

    One more this is that even though i have done configuration from scratch and not imported, the configuration screen shows a message of having very less NVRAM as below :


    Can anyone please guide me how to get over this hanged web interface problem so the router can keep running perpetually instead of rebooting it everyday (which can also be done via cron or scheduler), also if this NVRAM shortage has got something to do with it.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  2. ppsun

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  3. Planiwa

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    If you are able to use the command line interface, you can find out what is actually going on.

    Otherwise, you might do:

    1. nvram export --set (save the output)
    2. erase your NVRAM [it may contain superfluous and even conflic-generating leftover settings.]
    3. manually set *only* those settings that you actually need (copy/paste the particular lines from the saved settings).

    In Administration > Debugging

    "Avoid Performing an NVRAM Commit"

    (I always run this way, only committing (flash-writing) the NVRAM when I decide to do so.)
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