WRTP54G 1.1 firmware upgrade

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by homemicky, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. homemicky

    homemicky LI Guru Member


    Is there someone who can tell me how to firmware upgrade my WRTP54G 1.1 European version, firmware vesion 3.1.17. I have found out that it doesn't matter if it is the 1.0 version so I got that firmware too. My problem is that I do not have a Username or password for my WRTP54G and im not sure where my manuals are for the WRTP54. Can anyone help me out?

    I have tried to login with these usernames and password and none of them worked:
    username: admin password: admin
    Username: admin password: blank
    username: tivonpw: password: user

    I never gave the WRTP54G a password when I bought it. And why is it so secret to firmware upgrade the WRTP54G,hmmm??
  2. homemicky

    homemicky LI Guru Member

    Username password found wrtp54g

    Yes, :) I have found the username and password and it was Admin and password blank.
    But now I got a new problem, how do I upload the new firmware. Im a windows user and I got this .tgz file from the linksys page. So I Installed winrar so I could unpack the tgz file. Maybe there was a bin file, but no. What do I do now??? I need to firmware upgrade

  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    sounds like you pulled the gpl code NOT the firmware. I have looked at both UK and US sites both do not list ANY firmware for download.
  4. ftoniolo

    ftoniolo LI Guru Member

    Link for downloading the WRTP54G-NA firmware

    I don't know why, but it seems that Linksys don't want to show clearly where is the downloads for this router, but speaking with a Linksys support attendant, the guy told me the path:

    Simply Google these keywords and click the first result:
    linksys support download

    Or go directly to the downloads page for WRTP54G-NA:

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