WRTP54G Data throuhput Wan - Lan

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by jeroendg, May 22, 2006.

  1. jeroendg

    jeroendg Network Guru Member

    I bought a WRTP54G to connect to my real 20Mbit network connection. But now it seems that the WRTP54G is slowing my wire conction down.

    Does anybody know with the used chipset what the maximum throuhput is?

    Without any router I'm able to do 7,2 MB/Sec with Newsbin (usenet). With the WRTP54G in between I'm only get 4,2 MB/Sec max.
  2. mazilo

    mazilo Network Guru Member

    If you can get a 7.2 MB/sec (~ 60MBps) on a 20Mbps line, that's awesome. So, a 4.2MB/sec is about 33Mbps. At any rate, your WRTP54G should function normally on a 20Mbps line Who is your ISP?
  3. jeroendg

    jeroendg Network Guru Member


    I understand that the speed ratting on Newsbin are different because your talking about compressed data. But this is a idea about the bandwidth I lose when I connect the WRTP54G. But I actually did, without the WRTP54G between my connection, a complete DVD download in under 15 minutes. Also if I run a speedtest (speedtest.nl) ratings are average 35% lower with the WRTP54G attached. And of course this is true Wan – Lan wire connection.

    I’m on a new fiber optic network called KADAKA. I’m one of the first users. Only the last few meters are normal copper wires. :eek:
  4. mazilo

    mazilo Network Guru Member

    I had tested this type of connection back in 2002. Since the local provider's configuration was not good, my downloads fluctuated and I had to cancel the subscription.
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