WRTP54G in WDS mode? Need help.

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by blhirsch, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. blhirsch

    blhirsch Network Guru Member

    Ok, here is my current network setup. I've got three airport express units. One is functioning as the main unit handling my broadband connection and is the "main" station in WDS mode.

    The other two are remote stations.

    I first tried to use Apple WDS to repeat the network, but doing that disables the ethernet ports in the remote stations, and I need those ethernet ports as ethernet-to-wireless bridges for my tivos. Not to mention the network expansion. So I changed everything to "regular" wds and doing so let the remote stations operate to repeat and expand the network while also allowing wired devices onto the network. Success.

    So all was well until I got Vonage. I bought the WRTP54G, assuming that I could set it into WDS mode as the new main station, and use the three airport expresses as remote stations. (well, one as a relay, and the other two remain remotes)

    No WDS.

    So now I had no way of hooking up the linksys. What I ended up doing is disabling the wireless in the linksys and using it strictly as a wired router. The linksys now handles the broadband connection, and the main airport express now bridges everything on the wireless network down to the linksys. Vonage works, but this is not ideal because a) I'm not using the linksys wireless capabilities, and b) I'm not able to free up an airport base station as a signal booster elsewhere in the house, which would be nice.

    Heck, this has now just been an expensive way to do something I already could have done with the old 4 port linksys router/switch I have sitting around. I could have hooked up a cheapo vonage adapter to one of the open ports.

    Any suggestions as to how I can get to my ideal network setup? To sum up, I want the linksys wrtp54g to be the main network broadcaster, and the airport expresses to be clients (or relay and clients) on the network, rebroadcasting the network for greater expansion throughout the house. Without anyway to do WDS on the linksys, I don't know what to do.

    Are there workarounds for wds in the linksys that I'm not aware of? Can I plug the settings into the linksys and fool the airport express into repeating the network? Can I fool the linksys to let the airport expresses onto its network? I need the repeating features and network expansion features of wds.
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