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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by mpemberton, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. mpemberton

    mpemberton LI Guru Member

    Hi all,

    Wanted to throw some info out to everyone to see if others have experienced the same thing.

    Back in Aug 2006, I purchased a WRTP54G-ER (Earthlink) and signed up for TrueVoice. All seemed to work well, but noticed we were getting dropped calls pretty frequently. To this date, they have not been able to resolve the dropped calls issue. We are on RoadRunner Broadband with impeckable test results (via speakeasy.net and testmyvoip.com) so I'm pretty confident there is nothing going on with the internet service.

    Connected to the router, I have a linux box (SUSE 10.0) that is on all the time, a wired PC (WinXP) that is only turned on every now and then, and a wireless HP laptop that is used the most.

    I'm running 3.1.14 firmware, which came with the router, and Earthlink has not pushed out an updated version to me (I think 3.1.17 is the latest).

    Throughout the countless hours I've spent on the phone with Earthlink, and issues I've found having a web server, I wanted to document this info hoping it might help someone I am not a network engineer, so forgive me if I do not state something correctly.

    PROBLEM 1: DNS lookup
    First thing I noticed was a slight delay in name resolution. So doing some trials using nslookup, I noticed that the first query timed out, and typically the second query resolved the name. I reviewed my IPCONFIG /ALL and everything looked fine (meaning DNS and default gateway were set to the IP of the router). I send e-mail out of my linux box and noticed the mail wasn't getting sent out. Realized that the current configuration was not resolving MX type DNS lookups. Found a workaround by adding public DNS servers on the clients (thanks to opendns.org). I didn't care for that workaround, but it did speed up the name resolutions and it did allow for MX type queries to resolve. At a later date, I read a post recommending turning off the DNS proxy and adding the DNS servers in the router. That appears to have fixed it as well (but haven't thoroughly tested it).

    PROBLEM 2: logviewer
    I noticed there was the ability to log router activity to an IP by using their logviewer application. I set it up as documented and nothing. Although the router settings were not very clear, I did set just about every possible option and could not get data to be sent to my PC. I don't have Micro$ofts firewall turned on, and couldn't see anything else that would inhibit the data to be sent to my PC, so it appears I have it configured right. Either I'm missing something or else this does not work.

    This is a little gray, but I'll do my best to explain this. My gut impression is that QOS is not working very well due. Many times I've been surfing (light, not downloading large files/pictures/etc) while on the phone. And the person I am talking to makes a remark that my voice broke up. Isn't QOS supposed to keep this from happening? There are other scenarios that make me believe there is something really wrong with QOS, but really don't know the best way to test this. One test I might attempt to do is start a download and watch the speed of the download as I attempt a call. I think I've did this sometime last year, but don't remember the results.

    My apologies for this being long, but I hope I have adequately made a case for each issue I've noted. Again, if anyone has any comments, suggestions, similar experiences, etc, please feel free to reply.
  2. ka9yhd

    ka9yhd LI Guru Member

    For the DNS lookup it is possible the the first DNS entry that you have might be down or having problems. So when it times out, then the request is sent to the next DNS entry.
  3. mpemberton

    mpemberton LI Guru Member

    That was the first thing I thought, so I manually tested each public DNS (Earthlink's standard DNS's) and they all worked as expected. Additionally, they worked fine using a dlink router.
  4. iroberts

    iroberts Guest

    I am experiencing the same issues regarding MX lookups.

    My WRTP54G (v5.01.04 Vonage) won't respond to MX queries when "DNS proxy" is enabled on the setup tab. However, by disabling DNS Proxy, the nameservers obtained from DHCP on the WAN side are passed to DHCP clients on the LAN side, along with any manually entered nameservers on the setup tab, so this way works just fine.

    Since the linksys doesn't even store DNS records for its DHCP clients anyway, it looks like "DNS Proxy" is rather useless and should be turned off. (Perhaps the caching can be beneficial on slow uplinks.)

    I don't know whether it's always failed to return MX records, or whether it just needs to be rebooted, but it irritates me that it completely ignores the queries and causes programs to wait a lengthy timeout. Even returning SERVFAIL would be better.
  5. mazilo

    mazilo Network Guru Member

    I noticed my WRTP54G-ER will boot/respond faster with newer firmware. Here is the latest firmware v3.1.24 from Linksys for a WRTP54G-NA and it should work with a WRTP54G-ER if you can access to the firmware upgrade page.
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