WRTP54G voip setup vs. WRT54GP voip setup

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by peternielsen5, Jan 23, 2007.

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    The voip part of my 'old' WRT54GP suddenly died the other day, leaving me with no phone nor the possibility to access the VOIP admin pages. I therefore bought the WRTP54G as a replacement. Firmware level=3.1.17

    My voip service provider only have setup instructions for the 'old' WRT54GP and I'ved followed those instructions on the new box, and checked and doubblechecked - but when trying to make a phonecall it takes about 30 - 50 secs. to get 'clear tone' so I'm able to make the call. And of course no one can phone us. When trying to acces the voip admin pages it also takes those 30 - 50 secs. to acces the pages.

    It seems like the WRTP54G are not able to maintain connection to my service provider.

    Are anyone aware of maybe a new setting I'ved missed when using the 'old' config.?
    My voip service provider thinks the box might be broken.
  2. peternielsen5

    peternielsen5 LI Guru Member

    Got it..

    Well, I'd managed to resolve that problem by doing factory reset of the VOIP part and then setting up the VOIP using the guidelines from my service provider - saving after each and every change from default in order to locate where and when the VOIP-part got 'hung up'. But the setting in question (the choice of handset DMFT layout) did'nt make any sense to me in regards to be the actually course of the problem.
    So it looks like I got it to work - but I really do not know how.
    The only issue left is the inbound voice quality is choppy for some secs. every now and then during a phonecall. This also occurs when there is no other traffic on the network. I know, this has nothing to do with QoS and I've never expired this until replacing my old WRT54GP with this one...
    What say ya' U experts?:eek:
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