wrtp54g wireless issues

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ziddey, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. ziddey

    ziddey Network Guru Member

    I need some help with the wireless, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions with the settings. I can't use channel1 since it interferes with my cordless phone.

    There are 4 other networks I can pick up on channel6 so I can't reliably have one there. There's only one of my neighbors on channel11, so that's the channel I'm to use.

    I didn't have any issues with my microsoft 802.11b wireless on channel11. However, with this wrtp54g, it's jittering every few minutes or so it seems. I'd be streaming music from my server and it'd freeze and choke for about 15 seconds before it resumes. The connection doesn't drop though. ICMP tests do show that it chokes to the linksys, and that pings are not consistently low. I do have the latest .29 firmware.

    Any ideas? Time?
  2. zenfar

    zenfar Network Guru Member


    One thing you may want to try is making sure the power doesn't go through a UPS, but instead is plugged right into the wall. Stange but it helped with some of my lag. Not perfect but worth a try.
  3. ziddey

    ziddey Network Guru Member


    well the router isn't going through the battery operated part of the ups but it is on one of the surge protected lines.

    is this substantiated?
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