Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fortitude, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. fortitude

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    Hello Guys,

    i'm trying to make a provisionning server on WRTP54G.

    i need to know ho to compile a plain txt file to a .cfg file.

    Then i will use the profile rule field to get the cfg file informations to fill the needed fields, in line 1 :

    codecs, sip information login and password and so on.

    I looked on cisco home support, but i do not find a spc compiler for wrtp54g. Only for wrp 400 or spa2102, and when i try to compile the plain text to cfg file with those two compilers, i get differents size files and with tftpd32 by ph jounin, i try to pass them to the wrtp54g. the cfg file is wel sent to the wrtp54g, but the router does not fill the line 1 codeds login passwor sip proxy and so on fields as i want...

    anyone could tell me where i can find the spc compiler for this very model : WRTP54G and otherwise how do i pass parameters by a cfg provisionning file.

    Best regards.
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