WRTSL54GS – Built In FTP Server Help

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Bill_S, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Bill_S

    Bill_S Network Guru Member

    I am using a WRTSL54GS with Firmware Version: v2.07.0, HyperWRT + thibor17 rc3 on a DSL line. I have been trying to get the FTP server, which is built into the router, to function but I can’t seem to master it so I am posting this in hopes that someone could provide some suggestions.
    On the router, under Storage/FTP Server/ Local Setup, I have enabled the FTP server, set it for Port 21 and set the Passive Range to 65000 – 65009.
    Under Remote Setup, I have enabled Remote FTP, set Remote Port to 21 and enabled IDENT Requests.
    Under Shares, I have enabled Partitions share.
    Finally, according to Linksys Tech Support, I must also enable Internet Access in the Administration Tab, in order for the FTP Server to work, which I did.
    With these settings I can FTP into the router locally but not from “outside†my network.
    My feeling is either I have setup the FTP server improperly or the ISP is blocking FTP services. Can someone tell me if I have done the setup on the router properly so that I can eliminate that from the equation? If the router is setup correctly can someone tell me how to get around the ISP blocking?
    Thanks in advance.
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