WRTSL54GS and 16b

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by spepi, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. spepi

    spepi Network Guru Member

    I opend the box, did an immediate flash to 16b. I couldnt get the Wii connected to the Wifi. Flashed back to Linksys and it worked right away...Any ideas? Would really like to use Thibor something. I had 15 on my wrt54g, it it worked like a charm..
  2. ka9yhd

    ka9yhd LI Guru Member

    After flashing 16b on to your router did you clear the nvram or sometimes called "reset factory defaults"?
  3. spepi

    spepi Network Guru Member

    I did.....always do....i had problems getting wired clients like 360 an IP too....had to assign 360 static Ip and DNS at the console....to get 360 live to work......
  4. spepi

    spepi Network Guru Member

    So I tried 16b again. Still not getting an IP from the router to my Wii. It see's the access point, it see's the broadcast name. I have all security turned off, MAC filtering off. I can get an IP on my laptop via WiFi, I can get them via LAN connection to the router. Why would I not be able to get an IP on my Wii. I really like Thibor, and I specifically got this router for the Thibor touch. Please help. My kids cant get on line without this active. As a side note, I had a Wrt54G running Thibor 15c, and all my Wireless devices connected fine. I dont have any crazy configurations...I just like to have the ability to change things and actually have them work.....
  5. Ruroni

    Ruroni LI Guru Member

    I have the same problem. Except with 16. Haven't tried 16b yet.
  6. spepi

    spepi Network Guru Member

    I wonder if 15 will give the same results....I hate to use Linksys...but it's working for me
  7. bigclaw

    bigclaw Network Guru Member

    A while back, there was a post regarding the Wii and wireless connectivity. It says that you must use the mixed mode (B+G) on your router for the Wii to connect, even though the Wii supports G.

    Maybe you want to try that.
  8. spepi

    spepi Network Guru Member

    Yep...in Mixed mode.....I have my wrt54g and my WRTSL54GS on line.

    WRTSL54GS - Static IP -
    Serving up DHCP, Access point on, mixed mode - Channel 6 - Wifi for laptop, wired for web server, and kids PC.
    WRT54G - Static IP, - Static IP, DHCP off, Access point on, mixed Mode, Channel 6.

    I can connect to both WAPS, with my laptop, get an IP from WRTSL54GS using either WAP and get out to the web, but I get nothing from the Wii
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