WRTSL54GS and WallWatcher Setup

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Bill_S, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Bill_S

    Bill_S Network Guru Member

    I have a WRTSL54GS v1 running Firmware Version: v2.00.5, HyperWRT+ thibor15c. I would like to setup a syslog daemon running on my PC to monitor both inbound and outbound traffic but I have been unable to, so far.
    I downloaded WallWatcher, installed it and selected the Linksys WRT54G/S (Sveasoft/HyperWrt) as the default router. The WW setup shows the correct IP address and information for the router but no data is show.
    Do I need to do more, if so what?

  2. swinn

    swinn Network Guru Member

    Did you turn on logging on the router?
  3. Bill_S

    Bill_S Network Guru Member

    Sorry I forgot to say that I turned on logging and pointed it to my PC's ip address.
  4. Bill_S

    Bill_S Network Guru Member

    OOOPS, sorry to be a bother, I had changed my PC's ip address and forgot to update it on the routers logging page. Once I made the correction WW worked fine.
  5. spepi

    spepi Network Guru Member

    I cant get WW to get anything from my Wrt54G....I have tried everything..

    Any ideas?
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