wrtsl54gs as FTP server?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Gil102, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Gil102

    Gil102 Network Guru Member

    Dumb question, I know, but I'd like some input just in case I'm missing something.

    Is there any way to access a USB Flash storage device connected to a WRTSL54GS router using an FTP client? I can access it fine and as intended via the network, but I had hoped I could also access it via FTP remotely, but this doesn't seem to be the case. It will establish a connection, but then gives "Error connecting."

    This happens on the LAN, so I doubt turning on remote administration will really do anything. I've also tried both user accounts I set up as well as the guest account (both user accounts had Admin rights). Was hoping someone might offer some suggestion as to how to access the storage using an FTP client. Thanks in advance.


    Edit: corrected router type to switch S and L
  2. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Why would you want to open up an insecure protocol to the world?

    Install an alternate firmware, and learn how to use sftp. For outside use you'd have to punch a hole in the firewall for it. Given the frequency of people trying to break into my ssh port with automated password lists, recommend not using a password like "secret" or other dictionary word. In fact I also changed my ssh from default port of 22 to something else to avoid their scans, often multiple attempts per minute!
  3. Gil102

    Gil102 Network Guru Member

    I was hoping I could use the storage ability of the WRTSL54GS router to easily transfer large files from work to home or vice-versa. I used to have a Netgear router that also had the USB storage capability which did allow FTP access and it was never comprimised. I had assumed that the Linksys router would operate the same way, but it apparently does not.

    I have already changed the Admin password on my router and the users I set up to access the USB Storage drive are alphanumeric. Perhaps someone else understands what I am talking about in my original post? I would prefer not to use another firmware since 1) the firmware version on the routers is newer than what is available on Linksys's web site, and 2) a firmware update was what made my old Netgear router unuseable and encouraged me to try another brand.

  4. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    I understand what you are talking about.

    No, you can't do what you want with Linksys firmware at present.
  5. netddos

    netddos Network Guru Member

    what firmware version do you have?

    i have v2.0 and my router chokes if i transfer anything BIG to my USB2.0 connected HDD..

    if it is newer, would you mind uploading it to somewhere?
  6. tilman

    tilman Network Guru Member

    My unit came with this firmware: v2.00.1, Nov. 7, 2005. No, copying large files does not work with this version either.
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